Saturday, October 20, 2012

Nothing and Everything!

The last two weeks are have been filled with so much stuff, but very little of it would be considered eventful.  It is amazing how full our days get just doing our daily routine (school, preschool, chores, errands, etc.).

Here is a glimpse at what we have been up to!

 My friends held a baby shower for me!  Thanks girls!
 We have been out playing since the weather is FINALLY cooling off.
 Micah showing his tricks off.
 He gets pretty tricky on his scooter.
 B playing with my belly button.  One of her favorite things to do.  Almost done!  As of today I have 4 weeks left, but we will see if I go that long.  I think my body would keep him in that long without a hitch, but they are thinking he is going to be big, so I have a growth scan on Monday to check his size and see if we need to kick him out early.  I'm all for that!

 On Tuesday the kids got to go to Pumpkin City with unlimited wristbands from Micah's school. 
 Yes, it is fall around here, but it heat up one last time and we were in summer clothes.  It was 91!
 They are getting so big!
 She thinks my tractor's sexy...
 Of course Micah is the driver.
 Wow, told you they are getting big.
 He was just a pipsqueak the first time I brought him here and now look at him!
 The wristbands were well used.  They loved the slide.
 Even if it doesn't look like they did.
 Can't go there without hitting up the cars.
 Farmer Micah and Farmer Brooklyn.
 Shelby and my mom joined us at the end.
 We squeezed in one last ride.  The swings!
 The next day Brooklyn's school went to Tanaka Farms.  We took a tractor ride.
 We went to the petting zoo!
 B kept trying to pick this one up!
 So sweet.
 Happy fall!
 We got to pick veggies from the garden.
 That's a fresh onion.
 We also got to pick out a pumpkin.  This was her choice.
 We did the corn maze in 93 degree weather.  Yikes!

Then we called it a day!  We were all wiped out by the end of the day and napped.  By the time Chad got home, my Super Mom cape had been put away and we decided to head out for dinner.  While we were out, we decided it might be time...
...for a haircut!
Now that I am weeks away from having a newborn, I figured I would make my life just a little bit simpler and get her hair cut.  She would be cute if she was bald honestly!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

We've been...

 playing with friends...
 playing at the park...
 ...and looking cute.
 going to the zoo to celebrate friends birthdays!
 checking out monkeys...
 and birds!
 enjoying time with friends!
 posing in front of the birds.
 giving presentations on heroes!  It was Henry Ford FYI.
 growing and growing.  Only 6 weeks left and I am getting nervous!  I need advice from the experts (aka those who have three or more) on how to take care of all three!  I look forward to cuddling with a newborn and smelling him (I love the newborn smell) and staring at him and having him sleep on me, but how am I going to balance that time with my other two, errands and meals, etc.  I have a feeling we will be flying by the seat of our pants for a while.  Frozen meals and take out will be my friends.  Makeup and dressing up will be a luxury.  Sleep will come in many small doses.  I can do this!