Friday, July 30, 2010

Yesterday we went to...

My friend Carrie has some fantastic perks at work and she is so nice to share them all with us. She was invited to host people at the Cox Suite for the circus and she invited us! We had never been before and being in a suite was awesome. We watched the clowns do their thing...
The tigers were really cool.
Micah and Luke loved it! The motorcyclist in the metal sphere was really the highlight for Micah. He enjoyed sitting on Carrie's lap most of the time.
In front of the Cox Suite.
Carrie then went on to spoil them with sugar sugar and more sugar. I have to say that honestly, that was the best snow cone I have ever had. They put sugar in the ice! Could you tell they enjoyed it? The adults did too! Thanks Carrie for inviting us. We will never forget it!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Pirate's Life for Us!

My friend Kristyn told me about this blog that her cousin writes where she read a book a day and has an activity that goes along with it. I am not as organized as that girl, so I am trying to do one here and there. This time we read this book:
It was really cute and we decided that we would dress up as pirates and go to a pirate park. Here is Micah in all his pirate glory.
I dressed up with them. This was my attempt at a self-portrait.

A few items from around the house can make a pirate costume.
Brooklyn hanging tough.
They are my landlubbers.
Then we dug for buried treasure.
We discovered chocolate cookies!
Micah even started to grow a beard by the end!It was a fun and quick activity. We should have stayed and played longer, but we forgot to eat breakfast and the park was close to a busy road, so we made it a quick stop. Then off to the library for more book and more activities to come!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Done and done

I finished up your prize Ali. I hope you like it! I know it won't fit Evan, but I figured you can give it as a shower gift or something. I have seen a lot of tie onesies, but I haven't seen a bow tie onesie yet! And why not complete it with a little green button? Send me an e-mail with your address when you get a chance.As a quick add in, I thought I would show you all what our after bath ritual is around here. When baths are over (and sometimes when they aren't) Brooklyn takes off running. She bolts out of the bathroom and might stop long enough to get a quick wipe down then off she goes down the hall. A sharp U-turn comes up next as she rounds the couch, climbs up and gets the to corner. This is her final destination where she jumps and laughs for the next few minutes as we try to chase after her with a diaper and pajamas. Micah is close on her heels to do the same thing. So every night our couch gets a little mini bath from the kids! Of course I had to make the kids a little more modest to take pictures of them and post them.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

A thought

Things are busy and slow at the same time.

For right now, I wanted to leave you with a quick though. I ran into an old friend of mine today and he gave me some food for thought. He said for a while he was in this state of mind where he was thinking "I should do this...or I should do that..." He said it was really doing a number on him and so he (being a psych major) decided to talk to someone. He was told that using the words "should", "must" or any definitive creates an obligation in your head and when you don't get it done, your brain fires off negative feelings. Instead you should use words like "It would be nice to..." That way if you don't get that thing done you won't feel badly about it. He ended by telling me that he is going to write a book called "Stop Shoulding on Yourself, It Just Makes you Feel Crappy." It would be nice to get a copy!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I need another week...

I had this great idea in my head for a craft. I started working on it and was looking cute until I thought "I should use a sharpie on it to make it stand out more." That is when my fun little art project started to look like a sixth grade poster.
I think I am going to head in a different direction with my craft. Maybe I will attempt it again one day with a different technique, but in the meantime, I need an extension. I think next time, if I am crazy enough to do this, I would cut out 1 inch squares from painters tape and then spray paint the canvas (after a primer). Then it would make for much cleaner lines. I think I will try to stick to a craft I know for now!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Off to the fair!

This week summer made its debut. The sun came out and the heat is on! So we have been out working hard to get the kids to crash. Wednesday we did the beach for hours, Thursday we hit up the Ladera Water Park and then Friday we hit up the fair. We were looking for this result:
Well we wet on opening day of the fair. There was free parking and admission and $1 rides, games and food samples. We waited in this line to get in:The crew:
Random, but funny.Brooklyn enjoying her $1 food samples.
Micah was loving the bumper cars and Megan was a trooper to go on with him and drive like a madman!We went to the barns and Brooklyn loved the animals, but she was a little timid around them. I caught this picture just as the pig moved. Check out the look on her face! you can see they are HUGE!The goat barn.
They are so cute! They loved the cows.The giant slide. The look on his face says it all!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Six years ago today I married a wonderful man.

He supports me when I am feeling weak.

He loves me more than I love myself.

He is a doting father to his two munchkins.

He is always solid, reliable and collected.

He keeps us grounded when life tries to sweep us away.

He is patient when I have none.

He is my best friend and confidant.

Love you Chad!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Drumroll please...

...the winner is....Ali! I used and they said six was the lucky number, so congrats! I have a special something I have in my head and I am going to see if I can make it work. Give me about a week. As for your questions, I just did an online application. I bet if I was to go in person I would have a better chance though!

We have been up to nothing and everything all at the same time. We have been busy with errands, the park, free summer movies and playing around the house. Anytime spent indoors includes some coloring time. That is Brooklyn's favorite thing to do. She can literally sit for an hour coloring! I have never seen a small kid have some much concentration when it comes to coloring. She will color her page and everyone else's in her nursery class. She is our artist. I think she really has a thing for it. I will have to post some of her masterpieces on here soon. For now, you get to see her playing hide and seek in her armoire!
Micah is my rock star and he will tell you that himself. If you know him, you have seen him either dance sing or play his guitar and most likely, he will be half naked. He is always singing and rocking out. Sometimes it is a song from the radio and other times it is his own beat. Anyways, we thought it might be time for him to graduate from the plastic electric guitar and try out daddy's real guitar. I would love him to pick up a talent for music. I wasn't any good at it, but I love music and the way it fills a home.

Last but not least, we finally got one of Micah's walls together. I have been gathering things here and there and this is the final product. I wanted to make sure to include his own art work, so we gave him a canvas to paint. If you look close you can pick out the letters of his name in it. I also put up cork boards so I can continue to rotate the art and since he will start soccer and school soon, I am sure we will have schedules, bulletins and hopefully an award for something he did well. Wishful thinking!

Friday, July 9, 2010

What do you do?

So what do you do when your mom tells you you need your hair trimmed?

You run to your sisters room and throw a pair of panties over your head of course! What, did you think he would really do it without putting up a fight?
So what do you do when you are in the middle of dinner and feel like it needs a little pizazz?

You stand up and sit back down like this. After all, Cirque du Soliel tryouts are coming up and limberness is key!
So what do you do when your life as a mommy is getting monotonous?

You sign up for Wipeout on a dare! No, I'm not joking. I love that show and I was watching last week as a girl from one of my old soccer teams won the whole game and I thought, why not me? So my friend Lindsey told me she signed up and she dared me to too. So I did! Ladies, if you are local and not preggo sign up with me. What do you have to lose?

So what do you do when you have a crafty habit and a blog?

You do a giveaway! You want to win something? OK, here is your chance. Leave a comment and tell me what reality show you would be willing to go on. What you get will be something I will make. It will be geared towards kids, so if you don't have any, you will get a great baby gift for your next shower. I may make a hat, or a bow, or a shirt. It may have fabric, it may have ribbon, perhaps paint, or even buttons. Maybe a combo! Leave me a comment and I will pick a name on Tuesday. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Falling Behind

We have been both busy and sit around here, so I am falling behind. First here are a few shots of the kids with Chad and some of our typical evening activities. The kids love going around and around and around this "race track" in the front.Our fourth was a little off beat for us. We had been planning on going to a baby blessing for my cousin's baby and arranged a sub for our class at church. Then as Sunday approached we all came down with a bit of a cold. Too sick to be around babies, but too healthy not to get outside. We decided to head over to the street fair at Lake Mission Viejo and walked around. They had all the trucks a boy could want: fire, ambulance and trash! Later we headed over to my parents house for BBQ and good company. When it came time to do the fireworks, Micah went with my parents and Chad, Brooklyn and I headed home for the night. I know, total party poopers, right? Well, it is cold and late and we were sick, so we watched the firworks at Lake Mission Viejo from our patio!