Thursday, September 30, 2010

Oh the things they say....again

My kids are my are my comedic relief from life. They say the funniest things. Here are some of the latest:

Micah and I were playing with his helicopter and helipad. I showed him out the window the hospital and explained that when people need to get to and from the hospital fast, they take the helicopter on the roof. When I said "Pretty cool, huh?" he said, "So if you have a big belly, you go to that baby hospital and they pump the baby out of you." Um, sure.

As I went shopping for dress shoes for Micah, I was picking up the shoes to check the prices. They were like $50 bucks for little boys shoes! Before the sales lady could come by I whispered a "Holy crap." That is when my little parrot (aka Brooklyn) yelled out "Holy crap!" We left.

Micah was playing with the toy xylophone on the floor. Brooklyn came up behind him and requested that he play Single Ladies!

I was telling Micah that we needed to take a trip to the mall. I told him "We need to run by the mall to get you some new church clothes and we can get suckers at See's." He replied with, "Mom, those are people. Do you mean lollipops?"

I got out of the shower and was walking around the house in a towel when I here a ver enthusiastic "Hi mama!" This was followed by, "Lookin' good!" Thanks hun!

Micah decided he wanted to play the rhyming game in the car. We rhymed car and mar, sock and rock, etc. Then I said "Mat." Micah replied with "Shat." I nearly peed myself.

Brooklyn is my parrot nowadays and my favorite echo has to be "Are you kiddin' me?"

They are so funny!

Monday, September 27, 2010

I'm THAT Mom

I never thought I would be the type of mom to have charts and jars and systems. I guess I thought my kids would just be perfect (ha ha). Well, I decided I needed help organizing this crazy life of mine and trying to keep it all in my head was too much work. The results: Chore charts and Listening jars.

Just to clarify so you all don't think I am a messy person, I keep my house pretty tidy all the time, but I decided to assign a room to each day. I try to spend a little extra time in that room to do a little deeper clean than the normal.
To my credit, (or's all in how you look at it) I haven't been really good about using them all, but I am taking baby steps. Now I better go and get to all the chores that I have assigned myself!

P.S I have to give credit to Ashley for the chore charts. She made really cute ones and I just copied!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

On a Kindergarten Roller Coaster

Grrr! Kindergarten has its up and downs for sure. I am really having the hardest time of all and I think Micah is blissfully unaware and I am glad of that.

When school started I knew that he would have a bit of a transition to make since he had very little preschool experience if any at all. Our budget dictated that decision and food won out over preschool. Well, the first day of school came and went. By the end of the week, the teacher told me that he wasn't listening to directions well and had his own agenda. I have seen that at home, so I thought I would try something to help.

I started a Listening Jar at home ( a point for every time he listens and obeys quickly and two taken away when he doesn't). It is so exciting for him to earn points and he really doesn't like it when he looses points. He is looking forward to a new toy once he fills the jar. Anyways, I wanted him to take his listening skills to school.

Everyday I would ask how he was doing. One day he would do great and another he wouldn't do so well and back and forth. She complains about things like "I asked him to use a pencil and he wanted to use a crayon" or "I told him to color the spotted dog and he wanted to draw cars" and "He yelled at me from the bathroom to ask if he could flush with his foot since the bathroom was gross." Ahhh! Today I was getting ready to pick him up and one of the moms that had worked in the classroom told me how much she enjoyed him. She said he was funny, had a big personality, he was magnetic and how all the kids seem to want to be around him. Did I mention he also has a girlfriend? Well, I was feeling pretty good about my kid, I then asked the teach how he did today. She said he did OK, but still has his own agenda. She said he gets fixated on things and then asked if I had talked to my pediatrician about it because it could be a condition?!?!? What the? I thought she was joking at first and then I realized she was serious. I told her I had worked with kids that have special needs for many years and I knew that he was just busy. Glad she felt the need to ask that question when I was still around all the other parents! Grrr!

OK, so do I have my mommy blinders on? Have you noticed him being unusual? I think he is a pretty normal kid, but again it could be my mommy blinders on telling me my child is perfect in every way!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Kick off

Micah is in the purple running after the ball.
Taking a knee with the coach.
Throw ins.
Doing equipment check ins.
He is the cutest soccer player I have seen!

Micah had his first game today! He is officially a soccer player and I am now a soccer mom. Feeling old now...Anyways, he had a great time. They take the first 30 minutes to practice and then play a 15 minute game. He is pumped to play again next Saturday!

In other news:

*The car is in the shop and will cost us about $600 to repair. I am thinking about getting a job now...
*Kindergarten is a roller coaster for Micah. He will have great days and some not so hot days. He tends to like to do his own things and that usually involves him drawing cars on all his homework and singing throughout the day.
*There is a rumor going around that I am pregnant. Still can't get over that one. I'm not, by the way.
*Family is in town right now. Fun, but a circus at the same time. It is harder with kids.
*I started Christmas shopping and have the majority of the kids shopping done. I really hope to be done before the end of October so I can enjoy the holidays with my kids and not stress over them!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy late b-day!!!

Yesterday was Chad's b-day and I just wanted to wish him a very happy one! Love you!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pouting to Posing

This what happened on timeout the other day. Brooklyn got in trouble for something and a minute later, when I went by, she was on her tummy, face in her hands. I couldn't miss the photo op!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Today was Micah's FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! I can't believe he is already in kindergarten. Time really does fly by too fast. Anyways, Micah has been excited to start school and if any of you have met him he was not shy or scared one bit! in fact, he was quite a talker, almost too much of a talker. I guess that shows good self esteem? Anyways, I think this year will be a blast for him. I am so proud to be his mom. I am praying he will be around good kids and make friends easily. I also hope that his teacher can enjoy his personality as much as I do...or else we might be getting letters home. "Dear Mrs. Trotter, Micah is just talking way too much...." Yeah, yeah, well he is a lot like his mom!

P.S. This is him posing for me before we left.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

End of Beach Days

We kept busy last week since it is the end of summer. Wednesday was a Disney day, Thursday was the library and lots of errands and Friday we did the beach!

It was kind of a funny day. When we first got there, the place was sunny, warm and packed. I just happened to get a front parking spot. Too bad it was right in front of a homeless man sleeping in a bunch of trash bags he had painstakingly mended together. Oh well, nothing is going to deter me from a front spot!

Onto the beach we went. I got us a spot and Brooklyn and Micah were off and playing.
Brooklyn was running in and out of the water to come back and get a snack or sit with me. At one point, as she ran back up out of the water toward me I said "Hello my love!" This just happened to be the same time a 60-something larger man came walking by. He gave me a smile and a hearty hello!
Here are all the crazy kids: Micah, Brooklyn, Luke and Logan.

After about an hour, the weather changed. It let us know it is officially fall. It got windy, cloudy and we started to shiver. It was time to go! I guess that means we are heading back to school this week!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Stale bread=Duck pond

Tuesday I noticed that I had nearly a whole loaf of bread that had gone stale and we didn't have any plans. What do you do when you have stale bread? Feed the ducks! I decided to take the kids back to my old stomping ground and went to TeWinkle Park in Costa Mesa. I remember spending many afternoons there and having a blast. They have a couple of big duck ponds and a huge playground. We got right to feeding the ducks. They were hungry!When we were out of bread, we walked to the other side of the park and played on the playground. The kids loved it!I just happened to snap this shot as Brooklyn ate a handful of sand. Gross!We were really hot and decided it was time to head out and get a slurpee. On the way out though, I ran into these two trees. They are growing right next to each other and it almost looked like they were dancing. I had to get a shot. Enjoy!