Friday, February 27, 2009

Funny boy

I had to share these stories. Ghee doesn't get to see Micah very often, but i know she gets a kick out of him and his antics, so here are the latest happenings with Micah.

So the other day we took the kids out to get Chad some new running shoes. We went into Norstrom's and after Chad had picked out the pair he wanted, Micah looked at the guy and said "Um sir, could I try a shoe?" The guy was nice and handed him the shoe Chad had just tried on. Micah held it in his hand and looked back at his shoe and then back at the shoe in his hand. Then he says, "Sir, how does this work?" The salesman is amused with Micah , so he helps him out and puts the shoe on him and ties it up tight. He then tells Micah to go around the corner to see himself in a mirror. Micah walks up to the mirror and stops a second to check himself out. "Um sir, can I get a smaller shoe?" I think he gets the "sir" thing from Spongebob. I'm not sure, but I find it hilarious!

Wednesday night I went to go see my mom after surgery and we were all sitting in the waiting room. Micah walks up to a stranger across the room and says this: "Hi sir, I am here to see my grandma. She hurt her leg like this. Uh!" He was holding his leg to show him where it hurt. I didn't even know he understood that she was hurting.

Thursday morning, after a long night with Brooklyn, I was trying to sleep in a bit with her while Micah was up watching Spongebob and eating breakfast. I heard him saying "I'm done." I thought he was trying to tell me that Spongebob was over or that he was finished with breakfast. I said "OK." I was dozing in and out and wasn't really paying attention. He still continued to say "I'm done!" Now he was getting louder. What was the deal? Finally, I get up and said "Micah what do you want?" Just then, I realized that this whole time he was sitting on the potty. He had gone number two and was probably sitting there for a good half hour telling me he was done. I have to say, he was pretty patient with me. Poor kid, talk about leaving a ring around his booty!

By the way, my mom was finally able to get up and walk today. They tried to do it three times yesterday and she kept blacking out, but today she was up and walking around the nurses station. I don't know how much longer she will be in the hospital, but we hope she will be home soon!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Guilty as charged

Just a heads up: This was on Conan O'Brien but parts of it might be a little crude for some readers of the blog. Regardless, it's quite true and might be nice to have a reminder of how good we've really got it. Perspective is everything!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I just got back from visiting my mom in the hospital. She went in for surgery at 4:30 p.m. and the spinal block wasn't working, so they had to put her under completely. From that point on, things went smoothly. The surgery lasted about two and a half hours and the doctor decided to go with steel on steel and is happy with the outcome. When I saw her she was still very dazed. She said she felt some burning on her side, but they gave her medicine to take off the edge. She seemed to be in slow motion with the way she was talking and responding. She will be just fine because she is very tough. I didn't do as well. I didn't mean to steal her thunder, but I had to ask for a place to sit because I was feeling light headed. It was overwhelming to me to see my mom like that! Hopefully when I see her again tomorrow, she will be feeling better, be a bit sharper and have less medical apparatus around her. Thanks to all of you have had her in your prayers and have called to check on her. She told me "I had so many prayers going up for me today that he (the doctor) didn't have the choice to fail." Again, thanks for the love and support. We look forward to having her up and running again like she always has!

Date night

Last night Chad and I went out on a much needed date night. My sister-in-law was kind enough to watch the kids for us as we snuck away for a few hours. We ran over to get a slice of pizza and head into see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I have to say it was a great movie. There are so many great life lessons in there. Love, sacrifice, forgiveness, charity, and so on. It really made you take a look at life in a different light. By the end, we were both crying. I cried so hard, I had a headache afterwards. I was eager to get home to my two screaming mimis and just love on them and cherish them just the way they were at that moment in time. I highly recommend that movie to anyone. It is not necessarily a feel good movie, but if you have a heart, you will cry and probably want to call up everyone you know and love and tell them how you feel about them. It is a good reminder to appreciate your loved ones! I also loved to see my husband tear up. Sorry Chad, you are being outed. Most people don't know, but he is a pretty big softie, especially when it comes to his kids. On the ride home he talked to me about how much he loved and apprciated our kids and more tears came. I love that he is so tender hearted!

In other news, my mom is probably being wheeled into surgery as I type, that is why I am doing this right now. I need a distraction! I know she is in good hands and that this is a very common surgery, but rationality goes out the window when it is your mom. I hope everything goes great for her and that she will be able to run and play with my kids again soon!

Monday, February 23, 2009


This morning, when I finally got up around 10:00 a.m. I looked at Chad and said, "I feel like putting on some shoes and just running away for a while." This weekend was horrendous! I was thinking about posting an adoption ad for these two monsters, I mean, kids of mine. Let's see, I was still sick Saturday, but there is no such thing as a sick day for mom's, so I went ahead and started up the first of several loads of laundry in the morning. The first being the peed on sheets of course. Chad and Micah got out the door for gymnastics only come home an hour later in foul moods because Micah was not a good listener for the coach. I am so frustrated with his (lack of) listening skills . Near the afternoon, I was finally getting it all done when we decided to go outside. We skateboarded with daddy...

...and raced along side too!

That is where the kids got VERY dirty.

So even though I thought the laundry was done, I had another round to go now. We also had filthy kids, great, well that would have to wait because we had to make a Target run, where Micah was a major pain in the butt. He wanted to walk on his own and get a new car and be as loud and obnoxious as possible. I wish I could have spanked him right there in the middle of Target, but I am sure I would have made the evening news. I can just imagine the black and white surveillance video being shown with "South Orange County Mom loses it on her three year old in Target, more on that at ten." Did I mention that I had to cancel on a wedding shower, birthday party and host dinner all on that day to put up with the flu and this? Anyways, we head home and call it a night with Micah still being a pain in the butt. Brooklyn was trying to follow suit by waking up in the middle of the night and screaming like a banshee until we finally put her in bed with us where she tried to molest me most of the night. I finally grabbed a blanket in the middle of the night and headed for the couch. I got about three hours of sleep before Micah was up and asking to watch Spongebob. Yay!

So begins my Sunday...are you still reading, because today get really good. I know it's long, but hang in there. I was too sick to go to church, so we tried to take it easy. Not happening! Brooklyn had an explosion soon after waking and we were all going nuts by the middle of the day. Chad was saying "I feel like I am in a day care. We have been inside for so long and now I don't know what to do with them. We have to go somewhere." I was more than happy and this became the highlight of my weekend. I looked gross, but we all packed up and headed out. We went out to Monarch Bay and then up PCH through Laguna and into Newport. We decided to visit The Wedge. On our way we ran into a group of about nine mid-fourtyish people all on segways. Yes, they were in segway class and I was totally bummed I didn't have my camera to capture that one! We got there and walked on the beach a bit and watched the pelicans diving in the water and the sandpipers on the shore. Ah, peace. It was getting cold though, so we headed back to the car and that is when it started up again. Brooklyn decided she would scream for the car ride back to MV. We headed to my parents house where I handed them off. Bad idea. In the course of the next hour or two Micah managed to spill lemonade all over him, the chair and the floor, get soap all over the counter in the bathroom and find scissors to cut his band new Hurley shirt right in the middle! That was it, home we go as I was frazzled. Micah began to act up again (surprise) as Brooklyn was throwing a fit after we put her in her crib for the night. Finally, we had both down. I was so tired and was finally getting to close my eyes around 11:00 p.m. At about 1:30 a.m. I have a near heart attack when I open my eyes to have Chad hovering about six inches above me. In the back ground I hear Brooklyn screaming. "What do you want me to do?" I told him to let her cry and I tried to doze off again. An hour later she is still crying and I am pissed (Chad is in charge at night if he is awake playing video games). I tell him to check on her and that she shouldn't still be crying. She was in need of a major diaper change and then he lays her down with me. She isn't having it. She squirms and kicks and I finally get up with my blanket once again and leave. Chad tries to lay there with her, but she continues to cry and cry. Finally, I get up and grab a bottle and give it to Chad and tell him to do something about it (I'm really sweet in the middle of the night). He picks her up out of her crib and she was still upset, so he brings her to me on the couch where I feed her and I am on the verge of tears knowing by now that I had only three hours before Micah would be up asking for more Spongebob. Finally, three in the morning rolls around and I put her in her crib and she falls asleep. I fall asleep. In the morning I wake to Micah announcing that he has peed the bed yet again. In the craziness of the night before, Chad forgot to put his Pull-ups on him. So another load of peed on sheets begin in the laundry...

I know this has been a very long blog, but really it was a venting session for me. I had to get it all out. I think it helps me to forget it or maybe appreciate the good days more. Anyways, here is to a better week and remembering that this stage in life will pass with its good and bad. No kids up for adoption this week. They are pretty cute, so I think I will keep them!

P.S. Major brownie points go to Chad for letting me sleep in with Brooklyn, while he got up with Micah at the crack of dawn. Thanks babe!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Just been sick

Sorry, no posts lately. I caught the flu pretty bad. We went to Disneyland on Wednesday and when I got home I was pooped. I thought I was just in really bad shape. I was thinking "man I can't believe my muscles are sore from walking around Disneyland...that's pretty sad!" Little did I know, it was the flu that hit me. I fell asleep with the kids at 8:30 and woke up in the middle of the night with one side of my face feeling pressure, tearing and stuffed up. The next day I was achy and freezing. I only got up long enough to make a bottle. The house was mess, but lucky for me, Chad had requested Friday and Monday off. He got to be a single dad yesterday. He was a trooper. He even went out and got me soup and OJ. Today, I am still not feeling well, so I have to skip all the events I was supposed to go to, shew away realtors that want to show the house and find a substitute for nursery. Hopefully, I will be well by Monday so that we can enjoy at least one day of Chad's vacation!

In other news, Micah has peed his bed THREE times in 24 hours! Yesterday morning, yesterday afternoon and this morning. I am getting frustrated. He has been potty trained and sleeping through the night dry for a long time and now he is reverting. Well, I am glad I dragged my sick butt out of bed long enough to buy him a new waterproof mattress cover. It was put to the test! I think he is doing it for attention because when Chad gets up and starts to lecture him (I know, what is the point of lecturing a three year old, right?) he just giggles through it. I told Chad not to waste his time. Instead, I had him make sure that Micah didn't get any Spongebob this morning. I think that did the trick. You would not believe the meltdown! We are also going to be putting on Pull-ups at night because no one should have to do this much laundry. Well, I should get the house up and moving. Chad gets to take Micah to gymnastics this morning because I am too sick. I think it will be fun for them both!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Abba fans

Since Mama Mia came out, I have realized how much I like Abba. Their songs are so catchy and fun to sing. Lucky for me, my mom had an extra copy of their gold album and it has been in my CD player for the last month. Micah has really come to enjoy them as well. He requests "rich man's world" almost every time. He knows it is number 9. I love how he sings it..."Monday, Monday, Monday...always Sunday in a rich man's world!" Another favorite has to be Vous le Vous. He tells me he wants "Goo Lagoon." I am sure that when people hear him singing his little heart out to Abba songs, they are thinking that he is one weird kid. He is, but I love him and he makes me laugh!

P.S. Chad I think I might have you dress up as the guy on the left for Halloween. You will have to remember to do spirit fingers though!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Positive thought...

The crap that I have done and have gone through in my life has become the fertilizer to let me bloom today. That thought popped into my head after my devotional this morning. It helps me to put things in perspective and remember there is a plan to all this. I know I need to put things in perspective in my own life because I let the small things become big when I should focus on the big things and the here and now and those things that I can change for good!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

This and that and etc.

Three D's make for a happy day!

Papa brought over a scooter for grandma to use while she recovers, but Micah had to test drive it. I have to say, he is a pretty good driver and it cracks me up that his feet just dangle there!

Brooklyn is officially nine months today. Doesn't this photo just say to you "I know I am getting into trouble and I love it!" Well, here is the run down. She is in 12-18 month clothes and loves to eat. She stands, blows raspberries all the time, claps and waves. She says mama and is trying to say dad now too. She adores her brother and thinks that just about anything he does is awesome. That will pass, but for now I think it is cute that he can push her over and she giggles!

Last, but not least, Happy Valentine's Day to my love. Chad you are the best and you are the perfect fit for me. You are always there to support me and bring me stability when I feel overwhelmed or inadequate. I love you, love you, love you and always will!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My AI recap

OK, I had to put this on up since Chad and I were pretty much doing the same thing all last night. I think we rewinded like five times and nearly peed our pants!

Also, what in the heck has Paula been wearing? I didn't watch her show Hey Paula, but I heard she is pretty nutty. Although I was a huge Paula fan growing up, I'm not digging what she has been clad in. Last night she looked pregnant in that blue dress. The night before she looked like she had a necklace made of scrap metal on and during Hollywood week there was the super short shirt that showed part of her chest when she was clapping. I do have to give her credit though. She tries...the boys just wear t-shirts and jeans!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Because they're cute...

I put this one on because you can see he is making his own car noises in it. Oh wait, it might be motorcycle noises, he is very specific!

Just being a goof. He loves it when I spend one on one time with him!

Why sit on a hard seat when you can ride in comfort? This was Micah's idea.

She loves playing with her dad. Look at that grin!

Micah putting Brooklyn in a sleeper hold.

How cute is this?

I am sure they will hate this picture later on in life, but I think it is adorable!

I know I promised a video of Brooklyn's new trick, but she won't do it when I get out the camera. If I can catch it I will put it up. She claps now and it is so funny because she just knocks her fists together. She won't open her hands and then she gets this huge smile!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Well, we finally did it...we got Disneyland passes! I have never owned one and I think the last time I actually went to Disneyland was back in my freshman year of high school. Chad and I have never been together and Micah really didn't get to experience much of it the one time that he went. We decided to make that part of what we spent our tax return on and I think it will be a lot of fun for all of us. Chad is going to try and take Friday and Monday off this week and we are going to hopefully be there on Friday to play! We just bought them Saturday night online and we have to wait for them to get here in the mail. At first, Chad thought that getting one for him would be a waste, but I convinced him that it would be good bonding time with the kids and that he would probably get into it too. I know about 90% of my friends have them, so let me know if you want to meet up there for an afternoon!

In other news, I have been hearing about this restaurant in Laguna Hills called Break of Dawn. My parents finally went the other day and they raved about it. Apparently the sticky buns are to die for! It is a breakfast place and the chef there used to work at the Ritz. I love breakfast food, but Chad won't eat it, so if anyone wants to join me and try it out, let me know. It is just in the plaza next to the Laguna Hills Mall.

Also, I have been working on a little project lately. I am in the nursery, which is ages 18 mo-3 yrs and I decided to make new crayons. The bin of crayons we had were gross and smelly and broken. I got the idea from etsy to upcycle them. I didn't take pictures of my own, but you can get the idea in this picture: I did mine in solids and melted them in a pan. If you want the swirly effect, then you will want to do this: and put it in the oven. The mold is from Michael's and it is 10 bucks. I ended up with 12 really cute crayons and I think it will be easy for the kids (or should I say kid, since ther is only one) to use and hold. Plus I can use the molds for just about anything else I want!

Thats all for now, but I promise on the next post I will have pictures of the kids and maybe even video of Brooklyn's new trick!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I'm so lame...

So it's Saturday and since the house is on the market, we got all of us cleaned and dressed, made the house tidy and headed out for the day before 11 am. We headed straight for the mall and planned on meandering to kill a couple hours there. We went all over the mall and stopped several places inside. Finally, we went to the food court to get lunch. We grabbed a table and then I started to head over to get a sandwich. On the way I saw a guy I recognized from high school. We smiled at each other and it looked like he was just about to say something, but then decided against it. I was glad, since I really didn't know him and wouldn't know what to say to him. So I went and ordered my food and then stepped to the side as I waited for it to be made. Then I hear behind me, "Miss, miss!" I turn around to an older lady motioning me to come toward her. I walked over and she whispered, "Your zipper is down." Ahhh! I thanked her and quickly zipped up. Oh my gosh! How long was that down? I thought of all the people throughout the mall that probably saw the lamo with her zipper down. I also realized that that dude from high school was probably about to tell me that I needed to XYZ and I totally avoided him. Oh, leave it to me to do something like that. What can I say? I have two kids and they leave the house pristine, and as much as I can try to dress myself up, I always seem to leave part of my mind behind!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

10 K's

I got a blog tag from Nikki to list 10 things I love that start with the letter K. It has taken me about a month to come up with a list. K is a hard letter! Well, here we go:

1. Kids-Mine in particular

2. Kisses-Who doesn't like that?

3. Kin-That's country for family

4. Kindness-Especially when it is my kids being kind to each other

5. Knowledge-Not necessarily quantum physics, but new skills and craft are fun to learn

6. Krispy Kreme-Yum!

7. Knight in Shining Armor-Cheesy I know, but that is my Chad. You try coming up with K words!
8. K9-I'm such a dog person

9. Kicking a ball-Oh how I miss soccer!

10. Killer Deal-Well, I guess this is my new sport. I lettered in sales!

OK, so now I get to tag people. Kristyn, you will need a break from unpacking, so I will give you the letter R. Val, I think you might have fallen off the face of this earth, so I am going to give you the letter C to make sure you are still alive. Casie (I hope I spelled it right) you get to entertain your loyal readers with something without substance with the letter B. Good luck!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

This is David. He just got back from the dentist.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Back-seat driver

So yesterday I took Micah with me to run a couple of errands. As I got to one intersection, a car from the far right lane decided to change it's mind and headed over to the left turn lane. As a result, it was completely blocking my lane. I let out an annoyed "What?" Micah (aka little parrot in the back seat) said "What did you say mommy? Did you say 'what'?" He knew I was annoyed with this car. That is when he went off. "Are you kidding me?" and "Just drive already!" came out, followed by an "Oh, come on!" I thought it was funny. Apparently, I have a mild case of road rage. I'm proud to say there was no name calling or swearing. If that happened, I know he would have been in the car with one of his aunties!