Friday, May 29, 2009

Another iPhone Photo Post

It's been a while since I've done one of these so here we go:

Just a photo of Brooklyn playing in the bath. She loves to smile and laugh, it's so infectious.

Micah dancing with two complete strangers at Brett and Michele's wedding. He saw them dancing, must have thought it looked fun, and just walked up and grabbed their hands. Maybe that kind of dance floor boldness will come in handy when he's a little older too!

Micah checking out some of the hot rods at Fuddrucker's car show. He loooooooves going to these, every car he sees is a "cool car." His favorite this last time was a brand new Dodge Magnum.

Micah doing his best impression of Steve Buscemi

Micah climbing the rocks at the Fathers and Sons camp out. I didn't realize until we showed up that we were both wearing sandals so our exploration was a bit slow and limited, but we had fun wandering around the wilderness for a little bit. We didn't stay the night but we will probably go back as a family one of these weekends since he loved being there so much.

Micah eating a hot dog at the Memorial Day BBQ. He doesn't really eat like this too often, so I was pretty surprised when he just started chowing down.

This is a special photo for me, it's Micah playing with the first R/C car I built when I was about 12 years old. I found them in the garage while moving out of the old house and thought he might enjoy this one, so this is him turning the front wheels and listening to the servos inside. Maybe one day he'll want to build one of his own, and I'd love to help him

We have no idea what prompted him to do this, but he called it his hat.

He got a super-long curly fry and ate it while letting it dangle in the air like that. Just a silly kid.

He insisted on taking Buzz with him to the Spectrum, and then again on the ferris wheel. When we got onto the wheel he wanted to make sure Buzz was safe, so he strapped him into a seatbelt. Good thinking, Micah!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

B's B-day Bash

In the middle of moving everything we dropped it all to throw a tiny little bash for Brooklyn's first birthday. We decided to keep it small and basically just treated it like a glorified dessert since there was so much going on. She still needed to feel special, though, so here are some pictures of her day:

It was the princess's first birthday so of course we had a crown and a sparkly shirt.

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!

The glorified dessert: Costco cupcakes, homemade frosting and ice cream. I think it turned out pretty good!

The birthday girl!

She was eating so fast the camera couldn't even keep up!

Look at that smile! She loves that teddy bear!

So messy, so sticky!

She was spoiled by everyone but she didn't notice much of it because she honed in on this stroller. She was glued to that thing for the rest of the night! It quickly made her a much better and more confident walker, though!

Thanks to everyone who came, especially our out-of-town Ghee and Papa who not only came to the party but were our Tetris champs while helping us pack our stuff into the storage container. I still don't know how they did it!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The big ONE!

Brooklyn officially turned one on May 14th! She has really grown and changed over the last year. Anyways, to celebrate, Chad took the day off of work and we headed out to Disneyland as a family. It was pretty crowded since a lot of schools are getting out for summer now, but we weren't in a rush. We strolled to the park (no tram for us) and enjoyed some of the mellow rides.

Lucky for me, my kids think of the train as a ride!

We also went on Pirates of the Caribbean since that line goes so fast. That was Brooklyn's first time on the ride not in a baby carrier. She clung to me for dear life!

We decided to splurge a bit and actually buy food at Disneyland. It was OK, but I wouldn't recommend the funnel cake! Around three in the afternoon...

Micah was done and so was Brooklyn, so we were done for the day and this is when you know it has been a successful day:

Sunday, May 24, 2009

A photo shoot!

I'm playing catch up, so here I am a couple weeks behind, but I am getting there. Here are some of the pictures from the photo shoot with the kids in San Juan. Amy is so talented, but it is hard to take bad pictures of these kids. Yes, I am bias!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My hiatus

So I am totally up to date with everyone's lives. I am reading all your blogs and sorry, I haven't had time to comment. I promise I will get to it. I am trying to write this post as we speak with a chubby one year old crawling on me. Anyways, we have has a lot going on and I will get an update (hopefully a brief one because who wants to read all the drawn out details, right?) soon. I know I have lots of cute pictures to put up as well. Hopefully this cute picture will hold you over for a while:

Saturday, May 9, 2009


So this is a mixed bag of thoughts here. ..
First off, the results of the polls. Looks like our hygiene is doing well here. I have to admit I am more of an every other day type girl. I have always heard that it is bad for your hair to be washed everyday, so I try to do it every other day. Don't get me wrong, if I have gotten dirty or or worked out I will shower on a "non-shower" day to keep things clean. I promise I smell just fine! I am pretty sure I know two of the three dirty bird who only shower every couple of days. Girls, don't be afraid of a little soap and water!
As for parenting skills, I am sure some of you saw that there were a couple tens up there and might have thought those people think that their poop don't stink. I was actually pleasantly surprised by the confidence that those people had. I personally don't think of myself as a ten, but go you for feeling like you are really doing the best job you can in raising your kids. I think I gave myself an eight. I think I try REALLY hard to do the right thing for the kids. We go out a lot, they are fed well, dressed, clean, LOVED, disciplined, etc. However, I still can be impatient, spend too much time on the internet, get caught up in chores and have days where they seem to only eat crackers and juice. For those reasons, an eight is what I get. I am still working on being a ten!
After all those years of your mom harping on you to make your bed, it looks like the majority of you decided to say screw it! I am surprised that most of you rarely make your bed. I would say that I often make my bed, but it saves me about 15 minutes on those days when I just don't. I thought for sure I was just being immature by not getting it all done in the morning, but I'm glad to know I am not. In fact, I might just make it LESS often now!
Seriously guys? Criss Angel? This is a subject that came up when I was on a walk with my sister. Holly, one of The Girls Next Door, left Hugh Hefner and moved onto Criss Angel. Personally, I would rather be with a gross old dude, than a girly man that would require more makeup than me. Either way though, this girl has terrible taste in men!
OK, so the most recent news is that the house we were hoping for has fallen through. Things were getting too sticky with it having three loans on it. Now to start again at square one! We decided that this week we are just going to take off from house hunting. I am just going to concentrate on moving and Brooklyn's b-day. So there might be a little bit of a blogging hiatus for a while, but it should come with some pretty cute pictures!

Anyways, I have come across some pretty cool websites lately, so I thought I would share. For those of you living in the OC area, this little story should get you excited. I have never been, but I think it will be fun to try! OK, I love shopping, but my budget is minimal, so I love to find a great deal. This site will let you in on some great deals on fantastic brands. Anyone want to go with me soon? Here are more great coupons and codes to save your money. I am sure most of you have heard of it, but never checked out the site. Seriously, it has a TON of stores on there. It is worth a look! Ooh, and we can't forget this site. Scroll down to the Steals and Deals and they will have codes to save big. Last week they had one for 40% Steve Madden! Last, but not least is this cute little site full of fun party ideas. They are great at gathering from other sites for ideas on all kinds of parties. One day I will be as creative, right? Oh and then you can check out this lady and see if she can make the perfect cupcakes to go with...or maybe just steal her cute ideas!

That's all for now and hopefully my next blog will be full of fun pictures since a blog without pictures just isn't as fun!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Look ma, I have pigtails!

Oh, and I wasn't too happy this morning while mom was trying to take my picture. It's OK, I'm still cute!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Reality hits....

...we are moving! I can't believe that we are packing up yet again. Our fifth move in five years. I am tired just thinking about it. We put an offer in on a house and we are crossing or fingers that we get it. It is adorable and would be the perfect home and neighborhood for us to settle in for YEARS. Yes, years. While we wait to hear something on the house, we are putting our things in storage and moving in with my parents. They are so patient with us. Thanks mom and dad! To be on the safe side, we will still keep looking and putting out offers.

In the process of moving, we went and bought some newspapers to pack up or glass items in. I ran across the coupons and decided not to let them go to waste. We're buying a house here and I will need to save our pennies, so I cut a bunch out. I am now going to be the lady you don't want to get behind a the Target checkout!

Here is a little preview of Buttercup Bows. I still need to figure out PayPal shipping, get a scale and envelopes and I will be up and running!