Monday, February 28, 2011

My assailant

So I might be speaking too soon, but I think we are out of the woods finally. The last time I declared we were 24 hours vomit free, it blew up in my face. Not literally, thank goodness. Anyways, this has been a long hard week. I don't think I will be able to touch alfredo sauce again because I swear my kids can recreate that smell to a tee in the worst way. Micah's room will never be the same. Let's hope that the smell isn't revived by a good carpet cleaning. Enough grossing you out.
Well, I have to say that Friday was the hardest on us all. Micah had woken up several times through the night to vomit, which means I was up too. We actually just camped out on the couch. The next morning, Micah and I were pretty useless. Chad went off to work (that didn't last long) and B kept herself entertained pretty well. With the obscene amount of vomit, I had left two big serving bowls around the house so that we could catch a mess before it happened. Well, at one point during the day Brooklyn decided to come by to visit us as we laid across the couch. She had the vomit bowl up above her head and before I knew it is was coming down and coming down fast. I tried to move, but I didn't move far enough. The bowl crashed down on the right side of my nose. I hit so hard I thought for sure there would be blood gushing out. No blood, but plenty of pain. She didn't break it because she hit bone, but man did it hurt! I haven't been in that much pain since I gave birth. Well, it looks like it is all finally healing up and the bruise that she created is draining through my eye. Gross, right?
Anyways, I am working on a few things around here. I have a dresser to paint and get new hardware for, a boot camp to start up, a Wipeout style 5K to sign up for, a trip to Big Bear with the kids, and maybe a cake decorating class to take. I think I might buy a sewing machine too. Point being I am shaking up the routine here. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, right? Other people call that determination though...anyways, I have been living in a very small world for a long time. I love my kids and being a mom, but my routine is leaving me with little in the way of experiences. I need to keep myself challenged and busy with new things. I hope you all didn't read the last post the wrong way and think I am chasing rainbows. I am not looking for a thing, I am seeking that feeling of excitement and joy that I used to have all the time and since the way I am living life right now isn't filling my cup, I need to change things. That in itself is exciting!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sick sick sick

We have been sick around here. Very sick. I came down with it on Thursday. The headache and then the sore throat. I think it is strep since that is what is what is going around here. Brooklyn picked it up the next day. She got the worst of it. Friday night she started throwing up, so we have been doing a lot of this:

I have also been doing a lot of laundry! Poor thing. Monday she was finally able to keep food down. I hope we are getting all of the nasty out and that we will be on our way to a healthy household.

I have been feeling off lately. Not sure why, just really emotional (not pregnant by the way). I think I need to find who I am again. I have been so wrapped up in raising my kids and taking care of my family that my happiness has fallen to the wayside. I need to find what makes me happy. It is kind of funny how I always wanted to get married, have kids, buy a house, etc. Now I have all of that and I should be so happy, but I don't think I dreamed beyond that. I'm kind of going, OK what now? Do I join a book club, get a job, find a hobby? I need to have goals. Things that I can measure. I know I am constantly working on managing my family and shaping these little ones to be good people, but that isn't something you get the results of for a long time to come. In the meantime I need something. Since I know the people that read this blog are close family and friends, I will ask you. What do you do that makes you happy or validated? What are your goals?

I am still looking for something fun to giveaway, so stay tuned for a giveaway. I will try to get back to blogging again. By the way, that is partially the iPhone's fault. My husband got me one and I am a little addicted. Just saying.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hello out there?

Is it just me or has the blogging world up and died? I have tried to keep my blog going, but if no one else is blogging, it just isn't as much fun. I am thinking it might be time for another giveaway. Those are always fun and hopefully it will get more people updating their own blogs, so I am not sitting here writing my family stories to myself. BORING! Anyways, check in again soon. In the mean time, I will have to find something fun to give away!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

What they say...

While in the car: Micah-"Mom, did you see that house? It thinks it's still Christmas!"

As my mom's dog continues to try and jump up to nip at his arm: Me-"What is up with that dog? Why does he want to bite his arm?"
Micah-"Maybe it's his favorite bone."

As she is handing things to me: Brooklyn-"Here you go, lady."

As I am calling her over: Me-"Come here girlfriend."
Brooklyn-"I'm not girlfriend. I'm Brooklyn!"

They are so cute! Glad I have them. I've been having a bummer week for no reason really except for the fact that I am way to critical of myself. Luckily, I have these cuties to cheer me up when I feel like I far short. Thanks mini Chad and mini me!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mother Daughter Time

Brooklyn and I have been doing a little bonding lately...or at least trying. The other day I thought making cupcakes would be fun. I put her up on the counter and instead of being my little sous chef, she took advantage of having the M&M machine behind her and helped herself! She was done. Better luck next time?
Today we met up with my friend Al and Logan to do a citrus walk. Amy told us about the groves in Ladera where you can come and pick what you want.
Brooklyn and Logan were more than happy to be helpers.
They are just so cute!
Afterwards, we hit the park for a little play time.
She is getting so big! When did she turn into a little lady? I love that I get to do a little one on one bonding with her. We love our boys, but having a little girl time is fun!