Monday, October 24, 2011

Another week over and a giveaway!

 This week, we enjoyed the fall weather at the park...

 We ate cookies into the shape of the temple (according to Brooklyn).
 We took bike rides in the neighborhood...
 ...and rode really fast!

 We started projects.  This should look different in about a week!
 We had school presentations.
 Micah was making weird faces.\
 I guess Brooklyn wanted to be like her brother, so she made a weird face too!
 We played soccer games in the fall fog.
 And since daddy had to work and this one was sick, we dressed like Eskimos!
 We had fun playing!  I love that you can see a smile on his face!

We ran into a kids fair and got to sit in a police car.  I showed Micah the backseat and told him how they make the back all plastic because the bad guys will pee, poop and throw up in the back and they need to be able to spray it down.  He told me he never wanted to be a bad guy.  Awesome!  Scared straight at age 6!
 We went on a fall hike.  OK, so really we meant to and ran out of time and kind of just walked down the street and back.  At least we got to see the beautiful fall colors!
 We made some fun things for a GIVEAWAY!  If you would like to win these cute red polka dot bows, just leave a comment.  We don't even have to know each other.  I just want to know who reads this blog anymore and I figure I can bribe people with a giveaway ha ha.  Anyways, the winner will be picked next week!

Friday, October 21, 2011

How to get designer jeans for free...well practically

Guess what?  I got a pair of True Religions and Joe's Jeans for Brooklyn for free!  OK, well not entirely, but practically.

I do not have an endless budget, but I do like nice things.  I will not sacrifice my budget for clothing.  I won't go into debt to buy clothes (especially for kids clothing that is outgrown in no time).  I also can't pay full price for pretty much anything.  It makes me a little sick honestly.  I have to work my options.

Here is what I do.  I have a local second hand store that I really like.  After my kids outgrow their clothes or even toys, I bring them in and they give me store credit.  I browse for a while and find the best brands with the least wear.  Usually the good stuff is near the cash register, but check the racks too!  I got these two pairs using my store credit.  As an added bonus, they give you another 30% off for using store credit.

What is nice is that I don't even bring in my favorite clothes to get store credit.  I bring in the ho hum things and use that.  I get their best items and then I can hold on to them or eBay them.  One time I got B a Ralph Lauren skirt there for free (store credit) and since her thighs were enormous at the time, it was just too tight.  I put it on eBay and the free skirt got me $32!  I kid you not!

Anyways, my advice to anyone trying to keep their kids well dress and stay well within budget is to make the most of your hand me downs and make them help your bottom line (and your closet!)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Wait, is it already next week?

 Holy Cow this week went by so fast!  I wish I could say it was all fun, but I can't.  Chad had a work project so twice this week he was pretty much up all night in LA.  Friday night he actually came home at 5:30 am on Saturday!  In the meantime, I was still busy with the kids and I had some friends pop into town.  We had a blast!  I realize though, that I am getting old.  I can't power through a sleepless night and I can't eat junk food without repercussions!  Here are a few pictures that captured the week.

Monday night is family night and so since their aunt had already taken the kids to the pumpkin patch, we had pumpkins to decorate.  We decided it was too early to carve them, so we painted them.  B went with purple (I added polka dots at the end which she hated) and Micah wanted a red one.  I tried to encourage another color, but he wanted red.  We added a spider and web to his and it turned out cool!

 One morning I took Micah a little early to school so I could treat him to Chic-fil-a.  We had a little extra time on our hands, so we ran around the park for a while and enjoyed the beautiful morning!

 Friday I went with some friends on a walk around the lake and my friend Carrie just happened to know the captain of the station that is on the way.  We stopped in and the kids got to check it out.
 Thacker could have set up house in there.  That kid loved it!
 Brooklyn thought it was pretty.
 B and A girl.  Can't get a decent shot of them at the same time.  One is looking this way and then the other looks another.  Oh well, they are three.
 Like I said, the kid was glued to that seat!

Tonight as I made dessert, I had this one all over it.  Who doesn't like getting the beaters?
Not pictured:  A favorite things party with the ward that was so much fun and a hit!  I am already looking for some of the fun things that people brought.  A sleep over (if you can call 3 hours of sleep a sleep over) with friends for Val's b-day.  A park day with all the kids and friends.

I'm tired and behind on chores, but it sometimes you need to push your routine and chores aside to just have fun.  They will be there when you get back.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


 This week we were on the move!  Well some days.  Other days, we just played around at home. 

 This was one of those days.  I have to say, I've always been jealous of people who are naturally beautiful.  You know the ones that can wake up in the morning and without effort, still look great?  I think B is one of them!
 Al and Logan invited us to join them for donuts since Logan turned the big 3!  Happy b-day big boy!
 Of course we got out to play.  We had a rainy day and that is when you realize how much you enjoy the weather here. 
 We love grandma's park.  Even Shelby does.  Poor Micah is being squashed by his loving cousin!
 We had a soccer game as always.
 Sadly, Yellow Lightning was defeated soundly by the Volcanoes.  Their team actually seemed to care about playing soccer, while ours, well, it is more of a social club...I think.
 Brooklyn was running out of clothes, warm one at least.  With the rain and cooler temps, I looked in her drawer and realized she needed some clothes.  I get such a thrill out of a good deal.  This is how cute she looked and...
 ...this is what I spent!  Oh and did I mention I got an additional 20% off those prices?  Yay!  I seriously think I have a gift for shopping.  I know it may sound lame, but really I can find big time deals.  It helps to keep us on budget and I still get to shop and dress my kids in stuff I like.
 Moving on, Chad and I got a date night.  A real one!  We went out on Saturday and had dinner at Mozambique.  When we left, the parrot outside said "bye" to us!
Then we went to Ki and raced.  It is so much fun!  If you haven't been, you need to try it.  Chad is an animal out there and lapped me!  Then since he had treated me to such a nice night, I treated him to dessert at Frapy's.  It was only fair, right?  Not only did we have a fun night, but the kids were spoiled by their aunt Tawnya.  They got Ruby's AND the Pumpkin Patch.  Plus, we had hit up a carnival earlier that same day.  Needless to say, we all crashed hard that night!
Sunday we always have dinner at my parents house.  Today, the kids got extra sticky and messy, so they all jumped in the spa with their Papa.  We are glad they are home from their LONG trip to London and Paris!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


 On Friday my friend Carrie invited me to join her for a blogger event at Style Week OC.  It seems like most of my really fun posts start out with "My friend Carrie took me .... or I went with my friend Carrie to...."  I think she might be the source of my social life.  Just saying.  Anyways, it was so fun!  Nick Verreos from Project Runway was hosting.  Here is Carrie:
 Look, I was there too:
 They put on a fashion show...

 ...and on top of Nordstrom's catering, a huge candy buffet and awesome swag bags, we got to meet Nick!  He was very nice and does a hilarious impersonation of Heidi Klum.  he might have also mentioned that the first time he met Seal, Seal told him his fly was down.  Nice! 
  It was such a fun night!  I loved being out and about and just being a person for the night.  Most of the time I am mommy, cook, maid, chauffeur, nanny, entertainer, wife, etc.  Thanks Carrie for letting me a fashionista for the night!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Catching Up!

I will say it again and I know you will all be shocked...we have been busy!  I like being busy though, even if it is with silly things.  That is what most of our life is at this point anyways, right?  So let me catch you up in pictures.

Brooklyn has had a lot more input on what she wears these days.  We went out like this.  I thought it was funny.  Chad was a little embarrassed, but I think she was proud of herself for being independent.

We play on bikes...
...and fall of trikes.
B in another "independent" outfit.  Yes, we took her out in pj's, dress up shoes and a wand!
We have tea parties.  Sometimes they sneak in water and then the tea party goes from adorable to less than cute.  At least they are having fun!
We enjoy treats...thoroughly!
We enjoy date nights.  This was my date the other night.  He said we should go out to a restaurant, eat bread, talk and hold hands.  We walked through the mall instead, but he still told me, "I think this date is going really well."  It's a good thing because I wouldn't want to be dumped!
We lose teeth!  Micah was having a tacquito before church and out popped another tooth.  My baby is growing up.
We are enjoying park time together.  Once in a while I actually get in a picture with my kids.  Yay!
We check out dogs at the pet shop.  I don't think we are ready yet, but oh my goodness, this Shiba was so so sweet.  Can you tell she liked Micah?

We go to football games!  Mission was playing Long Beach Poly and we wanted to take the kids to see it. 
They had fun and it was fun to be back at the old alma mater.
We go to car shows!  We got free tickets to go to Cruisin' for a Cure in Costa Mesa.  Micah was in heaven!  There were so many fun cars to see.  Micah and Chad even got to ride the old firetruck around the grounds.  There were old cars, new cars and even Cars cars.  Did you see the Lightning McQueen car?  Cute, right?
We have had more soccer games. 
I'm not so sure soccer is his thing, but I think it is good for him to be involved in a team sport.  I think next year I will see if he wants to try something new.
We go out shopping and end up upside down.  B decided this was the best way to sit.  She is a crack up!
We share drinks.  I added this just because it is cute.  No fun story, just cute.
We finish Halloween costumes.  I brushed up on some of my sewing skills (they are still quite rusty) and made this flapper costume for B.  She LOVES it.  I let her pick out the color as you might imagine.  I think she fits the part!