Thursday, May 31, 2012

Busy week!

 So I had one day where the kids ganged up on me and decided to trash the house.  So I lost it!  After several hours of cleaning my house i was tired and not willing to do it again.
 So I made them do it!  Why haven't I been doing this more?
 Memorial Day was fun for us.  We met up with Ashely's extended family up in La Mirada.  Micah kept himself busy on someone else's toy.
 I think we might need to get one of these things because it drifts!
 Brooklyn was happy to spend time on the swing with a new friend.
 She loves her daddy!
 Shelby napped in the sun.
 We all kind of vegged.
 Then I busted out the shaving cream and things got wild!  This was after we washed off his face.  Shelby was a bit brutal.
 Later that night, we did showered and B said she wanted to put towels on like mommy.  Ta da!
 Tuesday we skipped school, work and daily responsibilities and headed to Sea World.  We got to go with Broklyn's preschool for super cheap and we had a blast!
 We saw the sea lions.
 Watched a show.  Mammal vs. non mammal.  It was really cute for the kids!

 We hit the Shamu show and it was a lot of fun!
 The kids were having a good time...
 ...until Shamu splashed them!  Now she is mad at Shamu.  It was hilarious!
 We saw the turtles.
 Those are some pretty cute penguins!
 We got to see them close up!
The polar bear was right next to the kids.  They loved it and we had a good time.  We didn't last all that long, but that was one of the best parts.  When we were done, we just left!  We all got to see the things we wanted and left happy.  It was a really fun day!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Playing Ketchup...I mean Catch Up

 This week and last have been a bit of a blur to be honest.  I've been busy and although I am feeling better overall, I will still have a sick day here and there plus I am lacking energy.  I'm hoping that my energy makes its triumphant return soon!
 Anyways, Micah and his classmates recently had a Town Hall Meeting and I got to watch him and the other cute kids sing in English and Spanish.  Adorable!
 A pretty normal activity for us to scooter in the evening.  I usually grab a book and a blanket and watch as they zoom around.  This one time, B laid next to me and I got this shot of her being silly.  Ha!
 This week we also went for a family outing and found out we are having another one of these!  That's right, one more boy!  We are excited to see what this next one will act and look like.
 Speaking of, this is my princess.  She dolled herself up completely in her fun new dress and princess accessories.  Then she farted and said, "Smell it mom!"  Gross my sweet little princess!
 She also makes wishes. 
So Sunday we had one of those days that you catch up on so much sleep that you miss church.  So we decided to take a family outing and drove up the coast to Newport Beach.  While there, we stopped at the Ferrari Maserati dealership.  This kid was in his element!  I called him a Motor Head and he said, "I like that name!"  Fits him like a glove!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

B is 4!

 Yesterday Brooklyn turned 4!  The celebrations started early though.  On Thursday, she was celebrated at school and she got to choose the treat.  Yummy!
 I know I am her mom, but isn't she just adorable?
 This is her with her teacher Miss Laurie.  Brooklyn loves going to school with Miss Laurie!
 Saturday, Chad and Micah decided to work on a project.  Thanks to some crazy ideas from Curious George, Micah wanted to create a miniature car wash. 
 They put in a good effort, but so far we still have scraps of wood and materials all over the patio.  I think we need longer nails!
 That evening, we had Brooklyn's tiny b-day party.  She invited three friends to come and make Build-a-Bears with her.
 This is Tessa, Abby, Brooklyn and Kendyl.  They were thrilled!
 Fill 'er up!
 The heart ceremony.
 Micah took over the bathing portion.  Wish he was this into cleaning at home!
 Dressing her bear Petunia.  Every bear needs Hello Kitty undies, right?
 Kendyl and her Bunny!
 Cute little crew.
 After that, we went to Farrell's and got sundae's and a song by the waiters.  The look on that guys face is hilarious!
 Tessa daintily digging in.
 Brooklyn going for the head back approach.
 Kendyl going for it!  Don't get between her and her ice cream!
 Micah was there too.
What a fun birthday!  Can't believe she is 4!  Love you big girl!

Oh and the party didn't stop there.  We still had Sunday night when we sang to her with my family and then yesterday Grandma took her for a trip to Toys R Us and Ghee and Papa sent her presents.  I think she is loved!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

What we do

 This week, we got new doors!  Take a good look, we haven't had a door on our room in over 2 1/2 years!  It is just so nice.
 We went to the park and played with lady bugs.
 They are cute, the bugs and the kids!
 Micah had the bug and then it disappeared!
 I caught a frog one night and I brought it home to let the kids see.  Micah's class just happened to be reading a book on frogs, so I sent him to school with it to share.  They named it and released it later that day. 
 We also went to daddy's work to check out the legendary 4th floor.  He kept telling us how neat this place was, so he wanted us to see.
While we were up there, we played with the golf simulator.  Fore!

I think the posts I have put up lately have been a little flowery.  This was actually a really rough week.  Between having to make more decisions about ADHD, a gas leak, no hot water and a can of primer spilled on the patio, I am ready for a redo.  Luckily, we only take pictures of the fun stuff, so when I look back I can enjoy that and this stuff can just slip away from my memory!  This week will be better!