Tuesday, September 25, 2012

We are still here!

So we are still here, we have just been really busy!  I wish it was with more fun things, but it's just life.  Brooklyn has started up school, Micah has been in school, I took on two families to tutor and as always there are chores, church callings and errands.  I am officially 32 weeks and as I get bigger, I have less energy and patience.  My poor kids!  Well, we have had these things going on too:

 My little nephew was hospitalized this last week.  He had a bad asthma attack and was in the hospital for four days.  This crazy heat we have been dealing with out here had the children's ward full of asthma patients.  We are glad he is better and at home now.
 Oh and this girl right here...she got into safety scissors and gave herself a trim.  Not awesome!  Those pieces in the front are cut to her chin.  Now I am wondering if I should just cut it into a bob. 
 On Saturday, Chad and Micah brought Brett and my dad to the big car show in Costa Mesa.  It was amazing!  I wasn't there, but I heard.  This first car is a bubble car owned by Barry from Storage Wars.
 Micah loves Mustangs.
 He also loves police cars, so this car was his favorite!
 Chad was showing Micah some really neat dragsters.
This is Micah with Debbie.  Debbie is a co worker of Chad's and runs this show.  She knows that Micah LOVES cars and gets us tickets to go.  I think his favorite part had to be when he was able to go to the Hot Wheels booth and spin the wheel for charity.  Chad gave him five dollars and they were doubling up, so Micah came home with 24 cars!  Until next week (I hope)!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What's new

 So here I am in all my 30 week glory!  I just had an appointment yesterday and he is doing great.  He is already measuring at around 4 lbs though, so he is going to be on the big side.  The doctor said he will keep an eye on it and try to keep him under Brooklyn's birth weight.  I would be lying if I didn't say that the hormones are getting to me.  My moods change on a dime and I am really getting anxious about having to juggle 3 kids.  I am not sure how it is done!  I guess I will have to learn as I go.
 We decided that the kids are old enough now to do crafts on Sundays at Grandma and Papa's, so we made our own plates.  Dollar store plates and Sharpies plus an oven=a personal masterpiece!
 Micah made a race track.  Are you surprised?
 Shelby had to think about it for a while.  Gavin did lots of scribbles.
 B had the corner on all the pink and purple markers.  My kids can be so predictable!
 Ta da!  I should have stayed outside to get a pick with everyone and their new plate, but it has been INSANELY hot lately!  I think anyone who has lived here long enough would agree with me in saying this has been an epically hot summer and I am more than happy to say goodbye to it!
 Oh and we got new chairs.  I know it isn't a big deal, but the last ones we had were microfiber and we couldn't keep them clean for anything.  We stumbled on a 50% off sale and voila! 
Today I sent Brooklyn off to school for her first day.  Weird how I was sadder this time.  I got a little weepy.  I am going to chalk that up to hormones.  I am totally bias, but I think she is one of the cutest little girls ever!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Last Week of Summer

 My mom and dad wanted to take the kids out for an outing before summer ended and so they decided to take them out whale watching!  Brooklyn, Micah and Shelby all ready to go!
 Silly kids waiting on the dock.
 We boarded and immediately the kids were into it.  I wish I could have gotten a couple of shots without shadows on their faces, but every time I stood up, we hit a wave and I was having a hard time standing!
 B loved it too!
 Heading out of Dana Point Harbor.  We went a couple of miles off shore and we saw so many neat things!  Tons of dolphins and their little babies.  There was also a big group of krill, so we saw 8 whales coming up to feed!
 I think my mom was as excited as the kids!  She was running around the deck with the kids and binoculars.  Poor Shelby got sea sick and I clung to the rail and watched from there.  Two hours in the sun at 7 months is tiring, but we did have fun!
 Dad took the day off to spend with his grandkids.  If you know my dad, you know he loves his grandkids, but he also is a worker, so it was a sacrifice for him to take time off.  Thanks mom and dad!
 I'm still nesting.  Yay!  Ok, not really, I am driving myself and my family nuts!  This was B's disaster of a room.  I emptied out her closet to get it ready for a new organizer. 
 My brother and Chad worked on putting it together this weekend.  I'll have to take pictures of the after.  It is SO much better!  I even have more room left.  My bro did most of the work.  I just kept him company and got him drinks.  I love that there are handy people in the family!
 This morning I got Micah up and out the door for his first day of second grade.
When did my handsome boy get so big?  I hope this year is great for him!