Thursday, March 29, 2012

What did we do this weekend?

 I'm so glad you asked!  Well, we packed up Friday morning and headed to Vegas.  I had to stop at the Mad Greek for a Gyro!
 We got to our hotel room at Planet Hollywood and this was our view. 
 We stopped at Pink's for hot dogs.  Honestly, you can skip it.  It is just OK.  I think Costco is better.
 B enjoyed her's so much that it ended up on her nosse!
 We walked down the strip and Micah decided he wanted to take a picture of Daddy and Brooklyn in front of Harley Davidson.  Good job bud!
 We stopped at the Coca Cola Factory and got floats.  Yum!
 On Saturday, we met up with Chad's parents and spent the day at the Adventure Dome in Circus Circus.  I just realized that I didn't get a picture of them.  Bummer!
 Brooklyn LOVED it!  She want on rides over and over again.
 Micah warmed up to it after a bit of an attitude issue and enjoyed the bumper cars with daddy.
 Hold on tight!
 That night, we went to what had brought us to Vegas in the first place.  MONSTER JAM!
 Micah is just a little obsessed with cars, so of course, he was thrilled to be there.
 There they are!
 Micah was having a blast!
 Hey family
B even enjoyed it even if she tells you otherwise!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Been absent

 So last weekend I got to enjoy a girls' weekend with my best friends!  We went to Beverly Hills and stayed in the Four Seasons.  Debbie is so generous to let us use some of her time there!  We threw Kristyn a shower for her baby girl coming soon. 
Then we decided to wear the headbands that Carrie got.  How cute, right?  Not!  They are definitely made for a baby!
Between running, eating and shopping, we stopped and got Kristyn's ears pierced.  She didn't even cry and she got a lollipop!  Ha ha
 I was enjoying the luxuries of the hotel.  Hello robe!
 We also went to Mass in Beverly Hills at a beautiful church.
 We also had to get a picture in front of the sign, right?
 Then we made a stop in Pasadena to see the Father of the Bride house.  Really cute neighborhood.
We ended our adventure with a stop at Fair Oaks Pharmacy with a HUGE banana split.  I love my ice cream, but even I tapped out on that one!

 I got back to real life with my crazy kids.  Back to scootering.
 Back to big wheeling with drifting of course.
 We made daisy wreaths too!
 For St. Patrick's Day, Micah's school had the kids create leprechaun traps.  He got really creative.
 Although he didn't catch a leprechaun, the leprechaun left a little gift.  He left some gold (Rolos), Sprite, and green beans just because they are green.  He also had to "wee" in the potty, but the kids hadn't read the note yet, and so I hear "Ew gross, diarrhea!" followed by a flush.  Oh well!

Micah really loved his gift and is looking to improve his trap for next year!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Injury, Independence, Celebration & Citrus

So Sunday we had a rough day.  Things were going fine until I heard a blood curdling scream!  She had been running at my neices boyfriend over and over again and this one time he decided to dodge her and she collided with the corner of the wall.  The result:
 Yeah, that is her tooth, pushed to the side and bruised big time!  Luck for us, our dentist was awesome to take an emergency phone call and take her in the next morning.  She severed her frenulum, split the bottom part of her lip and bruised her gum.  Basically, she has a 50% of keeping or losing the tooth.  So far, it is looking good!
Thursday Brooklyn began preschool!  This pose is SO very Brooklyn!
 How did she grow up so far?
  It was also Dr. Suess' b-day so she brought in her favorite book of his to share.
 On her way into Miss Laurie's!
 She had a great day and we finished it off with a trip to the mall which meant lollipops and a mess on her face!
 Saturday Micah's school got to participate in the Festival of the Whales Parade in Dana Point!  We arrived to join his friends and hold the banner.
 Yay CRA! And yes, that is Strands in the background.  It was a gorgeous day!
 Can you see my handsome boy?  He was having a great time.  His sister on the other hand, well that is a different story.
 If you have never been in a parade, this is how it looks from the top.  You might have to zoom in to see further down the road. 
 The school had a booth set up to educate the community on keeping our oceans clean.  Micah was part of the presentation and did great!
 Later that evening we decided to go for a citrus walk.  If you haven't been, there is a grove in Ladera that is open to come and pick fruit.
 We used our scooters, strollers and legs to get there. 
 I think in a couple of week more will be available, but we still came home with oranges and limes!
 We are spent!  Until next week!