Friday, April 27, 2012

Getting back to normal

 So the last few weeks have been rough as far as a lack of energy and morning sickness, but now I feel like I am getting back to normal finally!  While I would lay on the couch, Micah would be sweet and do things like this.  Don't you love the heart made from Hot Wheels?
 We have had some stormy weather and so we got to see this!
 I had friends in town and birthdays to celebrate, so we all got together!  We missed you Kristyn!
 When the rain passed, we were out to play again and enjoyed the sunshine!
 Of course Micah was on his "Bugatti" trike.
 More playtime at Grandma's park.
 This is what Brooklyn does with carrots.  Yum!
 The rain rolled back in again and this is how my little ladybug rolls!
 Once again, the rain cleared and we were back outside!
 He posed for me!
 Brooklyn loves scootering after her brother!
I had to add this picture.  Brooklyn took rocks and told me she drew daddy.  Love it!
(I'll get it up ASAP)
Oh and if this video works, you will see why I will not be taking the kids suggestions for baby names.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter at our House

Easter this year was a little different.  First of all, the kids woke up and realized the Easter Bunny hadn't come.  Well, that was because my brother had been asked to dress up as the Easter Bunny for a community event and asked us if we wanted to have the kids Easter baskets delivered!  Of course!

Secretly, I wanted the kids to be terrified and run away crying, but they loved the Easter Bunny!  Micah still thinks it was Grandma because he came with Grandpa.  Thanks Brett!
 We were in the middle of getting ready for church, so Micah has crazy bed head and Brooklyn is pretty much naked.  She was too sick to go!  Doesn't mean she didn't have enthusiasm for her gifts!
 New cars!  A hit of course.
 Squinkies and lip gloss.  Perfect!
 Oh and we had a little mishap.  Micah got some of the putty that came in his basket in his hair.  Instead of asking for help to get it out, he took scissors to his hair and now he has a bald spot.  Last minute buzzing was an order!
 After church, we went to Grandma and Papa's house for dinner and egg hunts.
 Micah was a great seeker.
 Austin is just a crack up.  I think he knows how cute he is and just stops and smiles.  Charmer!
 Brooklyn loved finding eggs.  She even found the eggs for her cousins....and put them in her basket.  That's not stealing, right?
Oh look one last pink egg!

Easter isn't complete without the adult egg hunt!  That is where the eggs are well hidden and we get to find cash!  It was a nice day.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

This happened

 So last weekend, this happened.We met up with Chad's friend to let the guys skimboard while we enjoyed the beach.
 Micah of course had a truck. 
 Brooklyn was a beach baby.  I think she will always be one!
 Chad got back into the swing of skimming.
 They were enjoying it until....
 ...this happened.  Gross I know.  Chad threw his board down to do a run, but it hit the sad sideways and as he jumped up, it split his shin right open.  That required medical attention.
Oh and this happened.  Whoops, well it looks like we are in for our last a little sooner than expected.  I always said I wanted to be done having kids by 30 and looks like I will just barely make it.  I'm due November 19th and we are just praying things go better this time than last!
 So because that happened, this has been my view of the kids the last week.  Sorry kids!
Speaking of kids, this one turned into a bunny for her preschool's Easter Egg Hunt.  She is just about the cutest little bunny I have ever seen!