Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Little Home Improvement

Surprised that I am back so soon? Well, I am trying to get back on this. Well, we have been trying to do some home improvement projects here and there. You might remember the antique bed I got on Craigslist for a steal.
It has all this pretty detail and I wanted to get a dresser for her that matched it. She had an Ikea dresser that was too modern to go in her girly room. So I began searching Craigslist again to see if I could find another treasure.
That is when I found this. I was hoping to find a cheap one that I could work on myself, but this one I got $275 ($50 lower than what she was asking for) and it was already done. Solid wood with dovetailing. I still was feeling like it was a little more than I should have spent (don't start Chad on that one), but I loved it!
I was feeling a little guilty for spending that much until I spotted this on PB kids. They want $599 plus another $100 for shipping! Now I am feeling like I got a deal especially since I got another two drawers.
Decorating a house is expensive and since we don't have an unlimited budget, it is slow going. We do things as we can. B's room is still coming together. I just added some ribbon to the end of her lanterns which make them look a little more complete.
I also made another little piece of art. I think it goes well with the teacup pictures.
Now I just need to get the Ava shelf from PB kids to put her books and whatnot on.
It hasn't just been B's room we have been working on. We got these neat little hanging bins from Ikea for CHEAP. Now they are holding all of Micah's art and craft supplies. We are hoping to build a little corner desk for him soon so he can sit there and do his homework or draw.
Another thing I am working on is a message board for our family. We have one of those useless doors that go to our heater and with such a small space, we need to make use of it. I decided that I would divide it up into thirds. The top is cork. I bought the roll that was meant to be a shelf liner from Target and doubled it up for thickness. The middle will be vinyl to act as a white board and the bottom part is a chalkboard, just painted on with some chalkboard paint. Almost done!

Saturday, August 27, 2011


OK, I have been a bad bad blogger. I am only going to use this simple excuse: It's summer! Summer life is busy and spontaneous. We are trying to get a lot of sun and fun and playtime in! Now I am trying to get back on top of this blog of mine. You might notice that I revamped it a little. Did you notice the new pictures along the side? Yay for new family pics! I got some gems like this one:
Now I need to get around to printing them up and putting them around the house!

Aside from that, we have been doing bedtime stories...
Playing with mommy's phone again...
Taking walks at sunset...
Styling ourselves....cute, right?....
Going back to school shopping and finding some closet staples....
He is cute even in a bra!
Taking bike rides at the park until we are THIS sweaty!
Taking more trips to the beach and taking the lazy way down. How cool is this little trolley!
Playing in the sand...
Making weird faces!
Being adorable...
Being a boy...
...and basically being spoiled by the good weather and good friends!

I will get back in the groove of this again! For now, enjoy a clip of Micah being a goof. I think this proves that he watches too much TV!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Time's flying!

The last two weeks or so have just been going by so fast! We have been keeping busy. Last week, Chad took a Monday off and we went on a train adventure. We walked from our house to the train station down the hill and hopped on.

We were heading to Fullerton since we heard there was a train museum and the Old Spaghetti Factory.
The kids loved the train and I have to say it is not a bad way to travel.
Peek a boo!
When we got there, we discovered the train museum was closed as was half the town for some reason. Not to mention the memorial that was right outside of the train station for someone that had died the day before. We found out the hard way that Fullerton was kind of lame. We went back to the little Quickie stop and got some sodas.

I have great memories of getting to pick out my own soda with my family and I always chose Crush!
Micah went with chocolate milk.
Mmm mmm good!
Then we hit up the Old Spaghetti Factory. Fun atmosphere.
The food, not so good. We left earlier than planned and headed home. I thought the trip was a bust, but Micah said "This was the best train adventure ever!" I think it was a success!
Other things we have done have included playing with the phone.
Going out for milkshakes and getting them all over ourselves.
Going to the beach with friends.
And digging holes with them.
Going to the fair on a date!
And catching a Heart tribute band concert!
Meeting my friends new baby boy Nixon!
Having my baby boy turn 6!
We went to In N Out for lunch to celebrate. He is easy to please!
Brooklyn decided she should steal some ketchup packets in her hat.
We also celebrated friends b-days. B is having a meltdown and I think there is an extraordinary amount of blonds in this bunch, or is it just me?

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Kind of forgot about my blog. I am just too busy to work on it right now. We are squeezing a lot of fun out of summer when I am not out playing with the kids, we are catching up on chores, laundry and sleep. I will try to be back tomorrow and at least give a little shout out to my big boy who is going to be 6!!!!!