Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Soaking up Summer!

 So my blog might be an accurate record of my children's road to diabetes!  Ha ha, we love treats, but don't get them that often, so we take pictures.  I swear it isn't as bad as it looks!  We are just enjoying summer since we are almost half way through it.  I didn't realize how much we do in just one week!
 They both love shave ice and so do I!
 I got a screaming deal at Gymboree.  My mom shared her Gym bucks with me and I was able to get all this for only $30! 
 B loves her little bro.
 B had a sleepover at Grandma and Papa's one night and I came home to boys night.  Legos at 10 pm anyone?
 We swam with friends.
 He always tells me he doesn't want to get in the water and every time I tell him to just put his boardshorts on just in case he changes his mind.  We have never come home dry!
 Sunday B came home with this.  I love what she is learning at church!
 I love to dress them up for church too!
 I think they are just too cute.  I'm completely bias though.
 Funny face!
 Yesterday, we spoiled our dinner and had cheesecake instead!
 Then we went to a bonfire with friends and played.  Micah, Abby and B are all there.
Love these girls!

Friday, July 20, 2012

A Trip to Utah

Last Tuesday I took the kids on their first plane ride and headed to Utah.  OK, so we flew to Vegas and drove the rest of the way.
 The kids were excited.
 Micah loved to watch us take off.
Brooklyn LOVED the plane.  She giggled for half the ride!  Even the people across the aisle from us commented on how enthusiastic she was!
 We just happen to fly in on a day where they were having record highs.  It was HOT HOT HOT!!!
 We made a few outings here and there.  They got new toys with their vacation money.
 Ghee had us stop by this place called Subzero for ice cream.  It was really cool!  You get to make your ice cream from scratch and at the end, they use liquid nitrogen to freeze it up!
 Because it is tradition, we had to stop by Neilsen's Frozen Custard too. 
 B enjoyed vanilla.
 Micah and I shared a concrete.  They are huge!
 In between a massage and facial (Yes, I was spoiled), we took Brooklyn to this fun outdoor park.
 She loved splashing through the river!
 Oh, and kissing the fat frog.

Oh, and laying in the waterfall!
Before we knew it, the week was over and we were saying bye to Ghee and Papa.

Back on he plane we went and we were so glad to see daddy again!  Thanks for the fun vacation Ghee and Papa!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Fireworks and exploding bellies!

 So sadly, our 4th of July looked like this!  I can't remember a 4th of July this cold.
 The weather wasn't going to stop us from celebrating.  I made a cake, we had a BBQ, we even swam (in the spa) and then we headed out to see fireworks.
 We went to a park that is up above the Laguna Hills Community Center to avoid the crowds.
 We got everyone all settled in.  B was not happy to be confined to a chair.
 I was there too, just behind the camera as usual!
 Killing time before the show.
 She loves her grandma.
 And then the show began.  It was a nice day.
 Oh and then there is me, just growing.  About 21 weeks.
 Did I tell you the baby is measuring a week ahead?  So according to his size, he should be here around the 11th or 12th of November, but I just have ginormous kids and he is supposed to arrive the 17th-19th, which for me means closer to the 22nd or 23rd.  I'm thinking he might be a 10 pounder!
I'm pretty sure this kid is 6, but when you give him an ice cream, you might think he is closer to 2!

Tomorrow we are off to St. George for a week to visit Ghee and Papa.  See you in about a week!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer up and running!

 We have been soaking up a lot of sun.  So much in fact, we have needed aloe for some of the burns.  I think I am switching back to the sunscreen lotion.  That spray gives you a false sense of security.  Anyways, we have been in the water a lot, but I haven't been so good at catching pictures of it.  I got some though!  Brooklyn started swim lessons last week. 
 She is one that can be pretty stubborn.  She will say things like "I don't swim."  That made me a little nervous that she thought she was incapable.  Luckily, she took to it pretty quickly.  I have a friend of mine that teaches and she has a daughter the same age, so she knew just how to work with her!
 B got nervous in the deep end, but eventually she got more comfortable.  I can't wait until she is the little fish that Micah is!
 Here is a random.  B dressing herself like Micah.  That gappy smile cracks me up.
 We also were given a go cart!  I think we get some awesome hand me downs.  Chad's boss has little boys that out grew it and it needed a little work.  We took it in to a shop and it was good as new!  They loved riding it.
Seriously, look at this girls face!  She's an animal!