Friday, January 27, 2012

A Miracle, a Tragedy, Science and some Silliness

 This week we had a miracle at the Trotter house.  Chad cooked!  He had heard me complain for too long that I hate to cook for picky eaters, so he decided to make lunch on Sunday.  The funny part is that he didn't like his own cooking.  Oh well!
 Tragically, the reality of Wild Rivers being no more was right before our eyes.  Chad and I had both gone there growing up and worked there.  We were hoping to take our kids there one day, but it's gone.  So sad!  Hope there is a replacement soon!
 Sundays mean that we have dinner at my parents house.  We thought that we would get scientific.  Here we are microwaving Ivory soap.  I won't ruin it for you.  Try it!  Get a bar (super cheap) and you can cut off 1/3 and put it on a plate int he microwave for about 40 seconds.  It's pretty amazing!
 On to science experiment #2!  Coke and Mentos.  Micah got a little tube for this in his stocking this year and we have been having fun with it.
 Try number one didn't go so well, so we tried again.
 We have success!  The kids loved it.
 Then we got silly with cousins.
And...we tried on Grandma's glasses and looked quizzical.
 Amid the craziness of the week, we hit the park with plumber crack...
...and found some time to lounge!

Sometimes it amazes me how fast a week can fly by!  I thought that as the kids got older, things would get easier because they would be in school or just generally be less needy.  Let me tell you, it is busy here all the time.  Not only do they have activities they need to be at, we still have chores, I started up a new blog (details later), took up tutoring again and I spend hours at school with Micah.  Breathe!  Anyways, there is a ton going on, but as I do more that I am interested in, I care less about made beds and fingerprints on the windows.  I do all the things we have to do and by the end of the day, when there is only a couple of hours left, I have a choice.  I can get home and get started on chores and dinner or I can say screw it and take the kids to the park and do dinner on the fly!  We have been choosing the latter lately.  I have the weekends to catch up, right?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Giving into Passion

 So I don't know if I have mentioned it before, but Micah is OBSESSED with cars.  I mean obsessed!  They are definitely his passion.  After finding out that K1 has junior races, we knew we had to take him!
 So, on Wednesday night (yes, the middle of the school week), Chad packed us up and we went to Anaheim.
 Micah was excited, but to our surprise, nervous too!  He listened to the instructions from the official.
 They told him how the cart worked.
 He put on the racing sock.
 Dad helped him with his helmet and a little pep talk.  He got in his car and then hopped back out because he was scared.  Then the official said, just try one lap and see if you like it.
 This little racer took off!  He was a little slow at first, but in no time he was on lap 2, then 3, then 4....he loved it!
 This little girl was devastated that she was not tall enough to drive.  Sorry baby girl, you are going to have to eat those veggies stat to grow those last few inches. 
 A few minutes of tantrumming lead to this.  Out like a light!
This kid was thrilled to show us his scores and is already planning a return to the track.  We ended the evening with cones from McDonald's.  We didn't get home until 9:30!  Whoops, I guess that memories trump the whole responsible parenting thing.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


 We have been up to this and that.  Tea parties at home.
 Dinners at Grandma and Papas.  Here are all the grandkids with Uncle Brett and Aunt Michele.
 I did a project from Pinterest.  I got a box spring for B's bed and covered it with some fun fabric.  Ta da!
 I got myself some fun shoes.  It's a big deal for me.  I don't buy for myself often.  Usually it is the kids with a great pair of shoes!
 We have been playing with our scooters and falling down on them too!  This girl fell hardcore and did a scorpion (aka fall on your face and your feet nearly touch your head).  I was so impressed that I forgot to give her sympathy and I was telling her I needed to take her picture with all the dirt on it.  She got over it pretty quick!
 We celebrated MLK weekend our way.  We slept in.  This is what I woke up to that morning.  I love that they love to snuggle!
We got out and about and even made a trip to the LB Ruby's.  The kids love Ruby's!

I have not been much of a blogger lately.  Life has been hectic for us.  I am trying to find my way through some of this.  We recently saw a doctor that diagnosed Micah as ADHD.  Now, I know that it might seem like I am sharing too much, but I have my reasons.  First off, I know that those of you who read this are my family and friends.  I am looking for advice or information on how to handle this.  I want to be as informed as possible.  Right now, it feels very foreign to me.  At the same time I am really needing to find something that helps.  It is so sad to hear him pray for help controlling his body every day.  Secondly, I am hoping that at least one other person will stumble upon this one day and feel like they can learn something from me.  Maybe they are thinking or feeling the same way and won't feel alone in it anymore.  I also want to make sure people don't read my blog and think things in life are always sunny.  It isn't for anyone.  Some choose to write only about the good things and that is great, but I like to write about the good and bad so people can relate to me and the craziness of life.  Believe me, it is crazy, but it is also fun and full of surprises.  

Friday, January 6, 2012


 Well, the end of winter break had some pretty cold days, so there were times we just spent indoors.  Luckily, things changed and it warmed up (finally)!
 We started going out to parks and I noticed that the kids kept stealing other kid's scooters and since they had taken back a few things, we decided these two needed scooters.  We got our helmets before the scooters arrived.  (I know she looks scary in this picture)
 We were so excited that we wore it everywhere.  In fact it was worn all New Years Eve.  As we made a Mentos Gyser and popped poppers and threw snaps, it was still on.  Can you tell she likes it?
 Two days later, the beloved scooters arrived!
 Micah took off right away.  He was so excited, he didn't bother trying to get used to it, he decided to take a big hill and ate it. 
 He did get the hang of it though.  Trial and error can be a great teacher.
Brooklyn loved hers and does her best to keep up with her big brother.  I need to get video of it.  When Micah goes over the bump and does a jump I usually say something like "Wow, nice jump buddy!"  Then I ask B if she can jump and she literally jumps up and down on it.  "Nice job B!"