Sunday, November 18, 2012

I'm in love!

 This has been one crazy ride!  I've been MIA on the blog because I have been preparing for our newest member to arrive.  Well on the 12th I went in to see my doctor and he said that they would schedule an induction since he was measuring big.  When I got there, he told me the hospital said that I couldn't induce until next week.  I asked if he could ask again because I was done.  Super uncomfortable and nervous to have a 10 pound baby!  As I was walking back to my car, I got a call that we got the green light and we should be at the hospital at 7 am the next day.  I took these final photos.
 Last day being pregnant!
 The next morning we arrived and got all checked in.  I got a nurse in training, so the IV took three tries, ouch!  The on call doctor came to check me and tried to break my bag of water, but said I was too high and they were thinking of sending me home.  Well, about 20 minutes later, my water broke.  The nurses started my pitocin soon after that.  We waited a while and it started kicking in a bit.  Around 11:30, they asked if I wanted an epidural now, or wait until 1:30.  I decided it was better to be safe than sorry.  I got my epidural and decided to rest for a bit.  I was at a 3 at that point.  About an hour later, the nurse came in and I told her I was feeling pressure.  She gave me a funny look.  I asked if it was possible that he was ready.  She said it wasn't impossible, but it wasn't likely.  Sure enough, his head was ready to come out.  They were surprised at how fast he was coming.  My doctor wasn't able to make it, the on call was busy in another room, so the head of maternity came in just in time.  Four contractions later, Preston Reid was born!
 He was 9 pounds and 10 ounces.  Even the nurses told me that didn't think he would be that big, but I knew he was. 
 He is an angel.
 He was not very happy to be messed with.  Baths and suctioning and all that fun stuff bothered him, but once he was wrapped up and fed, he was much happier.
 He has been a dream so far.
 Preston looks just like his big brother Micah.  It will be funny to see if they continue to look the same as they grow.
 Daddy adores him.
 Chad and the kids still had school and day to day stuff to do, so I was on my own with him a lot.  They did visit though.  This is what happens when Brooklyn comes to visit.  She takes over my bed, puts the TV on Disney and eats my chocolates.  Love her.
 My living teddy bear.
 Tiny feet and tiny toes.
 So sweet.
 Tiny little hands and fingers.
 Just so peaceful
 Soon we were ready to go!
 Homeward bound
 Micah loves him...
 And Brooklyn loves being a big sister.
 Big cuddles.
We adore him already.  He seems to have slipped into our family so well!  We just love you Preston!

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Ali said...

What a BIG/Little Cuddle bug!! So cute, and so sweet. Sure am happy for you that they were able to get you in when they could- that would have been pure misery to wait another week!! Especially knowing how big he was. So fun....congrats again!

Mrs. Case said...

Yay! He's fabulous!

And I am SHOCKED he is so huge. You proved me wrong times a million! You? Are a rockstar! Lincoln didn't weigh that much till three months, lol.

Brooke and Aaron said...


Foy said...

He is so cute! congrats!