Sunday, January 13, 2013

End of November

As November ended, we were gearing up for Christmas.
Preston slept as we trimmed the tree.
The kids did a great job.
Most of the ornaments ended up at about kid height.  You could tell they were big helpers with the decorating.
It's so fun to see the old and new ornaments reappear every year.
We found time for the park.
He was on me the whole time of course.  Sadly, he also exploded in his pants that day and went home without any on.  I carry an extra outfit on me at all times now!
Micah had a class performance.  He actually put his head down and really didn't have anything to do for it, but at least he can say I was there!
Preston had some awake time and I relished it.  He is such a good baby.  No pacifiers for him and a nice tight cuddle and he is so content.
Brooklyn got this cool hat from her Ghee and Tawnya from their trip to Turkey.  I thought she looked pretty cute in it.
Preston spent most of his time eating, sleeping, pooping and growing.
Lucky for me, Chad knows how to wrap, so Christmas was under control between the two of us!

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