Sunday, January 13, 2013

Have Yourself a Merry Little...

 Christmas Eve was spent at Tawnya and Trevor's house.  We had a nice dinner and opened presents.
 The kids were so excited as usual!
 Preston slept as usual.
Cody put on a strange head piece, which is becoming usual.  I'm pretty sure last year he put on a unicorn hat.  Can't wait to see what next year brings!
 Chad was there.  Hi Chad!
Micah was too.  He has such a cute smile!
 Brooklyn is showing us her new and very loud princess wand.  We all went home ready for Santa to arrive.
Sure enough, the fat man came.  Micah was shocked that Brooklyn made it on the nice list.  Let's be honest, he must be pretty lenient!
 Brooklyn was thrilled to open gifts.
 Stockings were stuffed to the gills.
Santa is a stickler of oral hygiene.
 I love getting a reaction like that to gifts!
 Brooklyn got a jewelry box with a dancing ballerina.  She called it her ballet dance party.
 What a mess!  Can you spot the baby?
 After our morning at home, we went to my parent's house for brunch and more presents.
 Grandpa wanted to make sure that we spoke about the real meaning of Christmas and talked to the kids about the nativity.
 The little kids were excited to pass out gifts to everyone.
 It was a busy house as you can see.
 Austin's smile was a good reflection of how we all felt.  It was a great holiday!

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