Sunday, January 13, 2013

More festivities

 We wanted to go to our ward's Christmas party, but it was breakfast with Santa and with a brand new baby that was sleeping until 10, I was not going to mess with any of those precious extra minutes of sleep!  We went to my parent's ward.  There, Micah saw Santa (a very familiar face).  He kept telling me that he knows all the Santas are fake.  The real one is up in the North Pole.  Smart kid!
 Micah sat with his cousin Austin.  Although Brooklyn talked about wanting to sit on Santa's lap the whole way there, she wouldn't do it.  On our way home, she said she didn't want him putting her on the naughty list.  I think she knows where she belongs.
Preston sat with Santa.  Then I had to get that boy back inside.  This has been one very cold winter!
 Brooklyn had a performance at Preschool.  I don't know what to make of it.  As soon as they started singing, Brooklyn looked at me, turned away and sat at the table.  She wasn't going to be a part of it.
 Luckily their sweet singing (aka screeching) ended and we were able to make gingerbread houses. 
 Once the school break started, we had lazy morning.
 We also had gorgeous winter sunsets.
 Bath time is always an adventure.
 And Preston keeps sleeping and growing.
 Slow down little man, it's going by too fast!

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