Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ending 2012

 After Christmas, things were still very busy because, let's be honest, I don't have this whole mother of three thing down.  I feel like I am barely treading water most of the time!

 Well, this cute boy started getting his first smiles.
 How can you not smile at this?
 Oh, and he slept too.
 We had some family park time and took our new toy out to play with.  It is a baseball that you attach to a pole and you can hit it over and over again.
 Preston was there of course.
 Micah loved it.
 Nice swing!
Brooklyn played on the playground
 Daddy pushed her on the swings.
We also took a trip to the Spectrum because sometimes a Target run can be fun!  We were going to take the kids on the Big Wheel, but Micah decided he would rather buy popcorn than take the ride.  They told me that Preston (asleep in a carrier) had to ride in his own seat.  Um, no, I think I will stay on the ground.
 Micah shared some popcorn with me.  We had a great conversation:
Me:  Mmm, Micah, I like the dark ones the best.
Micah:  Mom, do you remember when you bought us Lucky Charms and you told us we couldn't eat it if we were only going to eat the marshmallows?
Me:  Yeah.
Micah:  Well, you can't eat my popcorn if you are only going to eat the dark pieces.
Me:  (Cracking up)  Oh Micah, you are funny!
Micah:  I'm serious.
I love that he is serious about his food.  You have to respect that!
 Oh look at him grow.
His sister loves to hold him!

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Ali said...

All these pictures!!! Fantastic! Glad you got caught up a bit...that boy is WAY too cute to not share in pictures;) Hope you guys are feeling up to speed soon...