Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Coming to a close

Micah only has seven days of school left and so things are winding down. With the school year ending, we got to enjoy a concert from Micah's class with all the songs they learned this year. Chad and my mom made it and as always, B was in tow.
Micah entered the room waving his flag. Btw, Happy Flag Day!
Look at the class of 2023.
They did such a great job singing.
Micah even took a minute to flirt with his girlfriend Simone. Those two have too much fun together!
They even did a song in sign language. I can't believe my baby is almost through kindergarten!
Micah, we are so proud of you! We know this year came with a lot of adjustments, but you were a trooper and we have seen you learn and grow so much in just one year. We hope that you will have a desire to learn and work hard throughout the rest of your life. We love you!

3 Quick Thoughts:

Mrs. Case said...

Holy cannoli the "class of 2023" part just rocked my world! As always, Micah is adorable!

Becky and Ben said...

I can't believe our kids are growing up so fast. You never believe it when someone tells you that before you have kids. But it is true. We are almost 1/3 of the way done until they'll be 18 and graduated from high school. Yay!

Carrie Braunalicious said...

He gets cuter by the day- and I can't believe he's already through kindergarten! Glad you both made it :)