Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Feeding the Obsession

Chad and I are usually pretty predictable, but we decided we would take Micah out to Fuddrucker's for dinner because they have a car show there every Tuesday night. Micah is OBSESSED with cars. You can give him a car and he will be busy for hours. He loves them so much he sleeps with them! Anyways, he just flipped out! He was so excited and we could hardly get him inside to eat. This was a pretty cool car and when the guy saw us taking this picture, he asked if Micah would want to sit inside. That made his year! What was cool was the guy who owed it looked like he came straight out of the band ZZ Topp. Full bear and top hat. So funny!Micah driving!

This morning I heard this conversation between Micah and my niece Shelby. Shelby, where Taura go? She's at work. Oh, where Chad go? He's at work too. Where Ashy? She's at work. Where is Ghee? In Utah. Where Grandma and Papa? They are coming home. Shelby, where my spoon? Random, huh?
In other news, we are in the market for a double stroller. Hopefully, that will make our outings a bit easier. With the age gap between the two kids, I was leaning towards the sit 'n stand type. After a lot of research, these are my final contestants:
1. Black Joovy Caboose for $149. I have heard great things about them.
2. The Baby Trend Sit n' Stand in Everest $159. The back seat can be taken apart to become a bench seat.
3. The Baby Trend Sit 'n Stand in Vanilla Bean $119. I am not sure which one I want to get yet, but if you have any experience with these brands, or input, let me know. I wish I had just gone ahead and gotten a double stroller when I had Micah. Most of us know we are going to have a second kid, so why do we bother buying a single? Yes, the double is a bit bigger, but in the mean time you can use the extra seat to put your diaper bag or shopping bags. You will get around to using it when that second kid comes around and then you will be thankful for the money saved!

6 Quick Thoughts:

The Burnetts said...

Rach...if I were picking, I would get the one that has the second seat that can be taken apart - then you have it if you need it, but you have the option of just the bench. Let me know what you decide and if you like it, cause I'm in need of one, too! Taylor just runs away way too often and way too quickly!!!

AnnaMarie said...

We have the joovy caboose. It is noisy(I have to use WD-40) and heavy, but fabulous other than that. I saw this $400 one that is crazy cool, because it is a double, but it has a compartment for laying down for a newborn that can eventually be converted to sitting up. I think the brand was Phil and Ted's. It is so expensive, it is ridiculous, but maybe you want to look at it anyway.

summer said...

Have the JOOVY and love it!!! Buy that one!!!

Brooke & Aaron said...

I prefer option "2" because you have the option to sit the child forward or take the seat apart and make a bench. I'm not sure if one of the seats recline all the way on this stroller (I couldn't tell from the picture) but that's also been one of my favorite features on my Graco because the baby can lay down to sleep or to change diapers, etc. I put off getting a double stroller for months after Heidi was born but finally gave in because those outings were too hard with just a single. We've loved having a double and so will you!

Kristyn said...

The second one looks huge! Can you imagine getting it in and out of your car all the time? Seems like a pain. But obviously I've never actually tried getting it in and out of a car. I just know my jogging stroller takes up the space of three men in my trunk and I hate it.

Russ&Debbie said...

It sounds like Micah had so much fun with the cars! I would have loved to see the look on his face! Whenever Russ' dad is in town, we always go and see the show--we have some much fun on it too! :)