Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween Cookies

Yesterday we went over to my parents house to decorate sugar cookies. I had made the dough the day before and thought that my mom had made them and we could just come by and decorate. Well, her day got kind of crazy so we went over and I had to try to cook them while Micah meandered around their house. I had never made sugar cookies before, so I didn't realize how much flour you needed to keep them from sticking. Woops, the first batch was all deformed, but after that I got the knack and the rest of them turned out great. The only problem I ran into (literally) was when I was taking the hot cookies out of the oven without knowing Micah had snuck up behind me. I pulled them out to the side and knocked him in the face. Not only did he get hurt, he got two little burns right between the eyes! Poor guy. I'm not sure if you can make it out in the picture, but today they are kind of brown and scabbed. He is already sick with a cold. Leave it to me to make things worse. Anyways, I got the cookies baked and then everyone came home to decorate.

Aunt Taura helped Micah make his own cookie.

He wanted to put on his own "red one's" sprinkles.

Grandpa was all too happy to help him eat that cookie. Later Ashley and Troy came by and Troy turned out to be our cookie artist. He even put blood on the fangs of his bat!

P.S. I think I might have over-reacted in the last blog. I know I am rounding, but maybe not as fast as I thought since my doctor said I haven't gained weight.

4 Quick Thoughts:

Michelle said...

Poor kid, don't you hate it when you're the reason they get hurt? you really aren't showing yet! I'm sure you can notice a difference, but with clothes on you're still skinny! Thanks for introducing me to Nalu's shave ice...yum yum yum!!!

Janice said...

Dont kids just love to decorate halloween cookies and do the sprinkles themselves? This can really be a mess! My kitchen had sprinkles all over after we were done. Too fun..your mom and dad look like they are having fun too :)

summer said...

How cute are these pics? Isn't it fun when they start getting old enough to do all this? Those cookies look delicious! You know where I live so feel free to bring some by... J/K! I am on treat de-tox after wednesday!

Kristyn said...

Taura has the nicest hair. Just wanted to throw that in. Deb told me you're trying to convince her to start a blog. I thought it was funny - not only have you now jumped on the bandwagon, but you're a recruiter now too!