Friday, April 16, 2010


Today we made a trip down to Zoomar's in San Juan. I think the last time I went was when Micah was two. I'm pretty sure it was with Brooke and Emma. Well, things there have changed. More animals, a playground and more access to the animals. We came in and grabbed some carrots to feed to the animals. Micah was all over it. Brooklyn was fascinated by all of them. We went in the goats pen, played on the playground, sat with the bunnies and ended the day with a shake from Ruby's. I think they had fun, but you will have to check out their faces and decide.

Feeding the pygmy goats.
Brave little girl.
Micah was literally having his own dance party in the middle of the goat pen. He is so awesome!
Brooklyn and the animal she eats most like. Well, she comes by it honestly!
Chad said that Brooklyn looks like Dana Carvey in this picture. I just love her goofy grin!
If there is one animal name she can say well it is cow!
I think I discovered the ugliest chicken ever!
Micah was thrilled to hold the guinea pig even if it was only for about three seconds.
As we left, there was this cool hay bail tractor thing. I had to get a shot!

3 Quick Thoughts:

Chad said...

That picture of Brooklyn in the red Jeep reminds me specifically of Garth from Wayne's World:

Brooke and Aaron said...

How fun. I can't believe our trip there with you was three years ago. The Ruby's shakes sound like a perfect way to end a day at Zoomars. What a fun adventure!

CageQueen said...

dana carvey?? ha!!!